Suzi (13 Nov 2010)
"Was this already talked about?"

After watching part of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory - FEMA Camps, I started doing some research of my own. I took notes, and was so shocked at some of the stuff I found.

I think what gets me the most is the setting up of the TEN Regions. 10.

Here is just one page I found, with many links within it.

What was scariest in the little I saw of the tv show was how the people at one of the facilities in TX kept saying the 2 fences that surrounded the property, the 'Residential Center' had razor wire facing INWARD, yet they said it was there to protect the people inside! So, they admitted there were people housed there. They admitted it was under the control of ICE, and ultimately Homeland Security. So, what the heck is going on?

So many things going on. I think the more people uncover, the deeper the secrets will go. How much longer can things like this go on? How can so many people just ignore that something IS going on? *sigh*