Suzi (12 Nov 2010)
"To Edwina Re: Simpson's clock."

I may be wrong, but just from memory of the video clip of the Simpson's episode, just after the explosion, the clock is seen flying through the air and lands near a resting, peaceful Homer in his hammock. He looks at the clock and notes the time, and quips, 'ooh, almost dinner time', meaning it is almost 6pm (being 5:55 on the face of the clock or '5 till 6'). He says 'dinner', denoting "PM".

While I fully believe that Satan, through those who allow themselves to be used, will give glimpses of the future in their work, this could just be a silly episode, making commentary on how 'big brother' the world has become. They most likely are trying to be snide a poke fun at the 'right' who have been vocal about us losing our liberties and freedoms since 9/11.

Who knows.

Just wanted to add what I thought he said, and what it could me, and to correct that the character is named 'Homer', not 'Omer".