Suzi (12 Nov 2010)
"Re: Folded Napkin"

I have never heard that before.

I had assumed that the 'face cloth' that was placed on the face of our dead Beloved Lord was done so out of respect, and He was carried away with it covering His face.

But, when He was laid in the tomb with the longer linen cloth that was meant to cover His entire body, the face cloth was removed. I had just thought that someone, who loved Him, had lovingly folded that cloth and laid it aside. Remember, they had not had time to do a proper preparation for His body, so they were going to come back, so leaving the cloth aside would not have been unusual.

What makes me believe that it was not on His face when he resurrected was that it was not with the rumpled 'shroud' because it was laying aside, folded. The cloth that was wrapped around His body seems, by the description, to have been in a state consistent with someone just 'vanishing' from within.

Another thing, and this takes the faith to believe that the Shroud of Turin and the Oviedo cloth in Spain were the actual fabric that were used to cover our Lord and the 'napkin' or smaller cloth that covered His face immediately after being taken down from the cross. The 'napkin' was NOT a 'dinner napkin', but just a smaller piece of cloth that would have covered his face/head. Now, the reason I feel that this smaller cloth was NOT wrapped around or over His face at the time of the resurrection is because the 'aged' image design that is on the Shroud are not on the 'face cloth'. The face cloth does have the blood and serum stains similar to the shroud cloth, but NOT the strange 'radiation/age/burn' type designs that give us a look at the true face of Jesus. These images are not pigment, not literal burns, but they are a form of 'light induced aging' (just like old books get a darker/yellow look over time and exposure to light). The face cloth does NOT have that kind of image, but the blood stains are nearly a perfect match to the blood stains on the shroud.

Also, the 'Jewish custom' mentioned in this story does not seem to be true (upon my quick search) I do not believe that Jesus stopped and folded a 'napkin', since, for one, it was not a 'dinner/mealtime' napkin as the story implies, and I believe the face cloth was removed by those handling His body. Most likely to entomb it with His remains, since His blood was on the fabric and would be considered part of him to 'go to the grave'. I know there are a lot of customs about handling the dead and the handling of blood and such, so I don't think it was until it was a proven fact that He was indeed ALIVE that the cloths were kept as a form of witness.

It is a nice story, and yes, He IS coming back...but then, He did soon after those cloths were found in that empty tomb.

Just my POV.