Suzi (11 Nov 2010)
"Obama's 'religion'"

A couple of people posted articles or made comments lately about Obama's 'religion'. Noting how he's visiting sacred sites that are supposed to imbue the 'right' person with the 'spirit' of whatever god/demon resides there. It's been mentioned how Obama's previous attempts to go to these sites during past 'important days' has been thwarted (by disaster/politics/and natural disasters). As one person noted, he now has Christian, Muslim and Hindu people believing that he is 'their man'.

This is the point I have been trying to stress to people since I was first made aware of this man (when he didn't salute the flag, and then when he was in Germany drawing power from the Seat of Satan). I don't know how anyone who actually listens to him, reads his own quotes or even read the books that Bill Ayers wrote for him could fail to see that HE is his own god! In an interview about faith, back in '04 when, during an interview about faith, he was asked, 'what is sin', he outright said, 'being out of alignment with MY values'. HE is his own god. It is very simple. He is drawing power and strength from Satan at every turn, since Satan promises anyone who listens to him, that they can be 'as God'. Why doesn't anyone recognize exactly WHAT Obama is? He is, purely, simply put, a SATANIST!!

With a background in the occult/wicca/paganism, I KNOW that most people have no idea just what a real Satanist is. They think they are the caricature that Hollywood has presented us with...the gothic/emo "Hot Topic" clothes wearing, upside down cross sporting, hooded ghoul who you can spot a mile away. This is the joke on us. Anyone who thinks that 'sin' is being out of alignment with their own values has put themself in the 'deity' position, THIS is Satanism. This is what the serpent meant when he told Eve that SHE could be 'as God'. Obama has taken that route. He is honoring every religion that is OPPOSITE (Anti) Christian. He plays at practicing 'Christianity' but it's a faux religion that caters to 'tolerance' and 'coexistance'. That, my friends is paganism. Everyone is equal, everyone is right, everyone creates their own way. And THAT is Satanism. Going the way that is not The Way. Taking Jesus out of the equation, since they don't need Him. THEY make their own way.

Obama will give lip service to anyone and anything that he thinks will further his agenda. If that means kissing up to the mega churches and the false leaders who are doing Satan's work from their pulpits, or visiting hotbeds of Demonic principalities...he'll do it. He'll carry around icons and amulets and tokens of whomever he feels will 'help' him reach his goal. He will let people believe what they want to believe, lie to them, and go about his own way till he gets what he wants. He is the perfect vehicle for the AntiChrist...he is the perfect person to fill the shoes of the 12th Imam...he will be what is called for, to stay in power. Everything he's ever done was for the glory, the honor and the power. How did he get a Nobel Peace Prize when he'd done NOTHING??? That should have been a joke, not a reality! Satan is sprinkling goodies on him, to keep him in line. He will use him as much as he needs to, and will either keep building him up, or crush him. Time will tell.

I fully expect something major to happen after Obama gets back from these trips...he will be 'recharged', he very well could be fully demon possessed by the time it's all said and done. Pray for his children...they are innocent in all this. He and his wife are greedy, selfish and knowingly acting for their own agenda of power. The higher they climb, the farther down they will fall.