Suzi (1 Nov 2010)
"To Mary Anna Re Grandma"

I have never done a study on Angels. But since I have a past in the occult, where 'ghosts' were thought to sometimes 'stay around' either voluntarily or by some fluke of happenstance that kept them 'earth bound'...I have been very reluctant to think that loved ones do that in any way.

I personally do not believe that any living person, once dead, can come back, influence or somehow 'watch over' the living. But, that being said, I can not say that the Angels that DO 'guard' us, that DO 'watch over' us, do so with the knowledge of what those we love want for us.

We also can not disregard the knowledge that God has given us...the incredible 'ultra computer' brain that he's created in us that can store all kinds of info even if we do not realize we have it in our minds. You said yourself, your memories of your grandma were scripture and prayer related. Even if you 'made yourself scarce', those words you heard, those actions of 'getting on your knees', those prayers impacted you.

God directed those words from this obviously on fire for the Lord woman. Don't think that all that was for naught. She does not have to be an active 'guardian angel' to be watching over you, since your memories of her, your acquired knowledge of Scripture, and the influence she had on your life are real, active and very much alive.

Yes, she affected you in that instance, but I believe it was from the miracle of memory, and very possibly the Angelic Spirits that surrounded her during her life that could very well be carrying on their work with you. These messengers of God know us...we should not be surprised when they whisper in our ear the things that we need to know, especially when it's about someone so dear to the heart of the Lord.

These are only my thoughts, I don't have anything Biblical to point to, just my heart talking.

I guess I just want to say that a person can affect us long after they are gone, especially when they had the love of the Lord in their hearts. That is a testament to her faith and His love. The lessons she gave you are still with you today. You are blessed.

And, as I stated in another letter, I think we are all going to know each other when we get to our mansions! We are going to be one big family at that table. I look forward to meeting Grandma.