Suzi (1 Nov 2010)
"Re:Sarah Palin's response to b-day tweets"

I absolutely LOVE Sarah Palin!

That gal has no qualms about speaking her mind!!

You'd think all the libs out there would love her for it, I mean, isn't that what 'women's lib' was all about? Being able to 'do it all' and still be a woman? All those old biddies who did the bra burning and all that in the '70s...they should love her. I mean, "I am Woman" talks about a female that fits Sarah's description to a 't'. Yet, they (the liberal females in power), are scared to death of her, hate her, call her names. It really cracks me up. I remember when 'they' took the 'B' word and tried to make it into a positive for strong women. There were all sorts of sayings, like "You call me a "B****" like it's a bad thing", and "Beautiful, Intelligent, Tough, Courageous, Hero"...the last one fits Sarah like a glove.

Just wanted to comment on how I love how she will tell 'em like it is. They could learn a few things from her, that's for sure.



PS: For Sarah, I might change the "C" to Christian!! They REALLY hate that!! :)