Steve W (5 Nov 2010)
"The hour has come !"

Could it really be so? What so many of us have longed and desired for ? Is this really it? Just take a minute, close your eyes, imagine ascending through the air with millions of others believers. At some point we literally see
Jesus  for the first time. We then, within nano seconds, look upon the most indescribable beauty our eyes have ever gazed upon. The gates of heaven are opened wide and we (the throng of saints) come pouring in to be greeted by those who have gone before us. We feel and know love like we never have. We experience freedom from temptation for the first time in our lives. Our physical and emotional pain is no more. Our senses take in sights ,smells ,touches ,and melodies we
have never known. Yet it is not overwhelming for us. Everything seems right, because everything IS right. You are finally HOME! The longing your heart has endured is over. To really meditate upon this seems almost unreal. Yes, we know
intellectually this will happen, but our human minds can only dimly comprehend what we will soon experience.
I would like to relate two things I believe are from the Lord.
1) Monday, while meditating and praying, I saw myself in heaven. I was being escorted (either by an angel or Jesus) through a wide open area that looked like the green rolling hills of Ireland. We came to a small wooden
arched bridge that spanned a small river. I sat down and looked up at a very high hill. Perched upon this hill was an enormous structure. It almost looked like a castle in its appearance. There were many stories. It was still
far off in the distance so I couldn't see details. As I looked upon the structure in awe and wonderment, I knew what this was. No words had to be exchanged. This was the" place" Jesus had prepared for me. The amazing thing was
no other structures were surrounding it. It seemed to be all by itself.
As I pondered this lovely thought, it occued to me that we ALL have a "place" that is designed especially for us. We can only imagine!
2) Yesterday morning I awoke at 5:00 am. While fully awake but still in bed, I either felt, sensed, or heard  these words:
The hour has come. I will descend, you will ascend. There I will meet you and take you away to be with me forever.  
Steve W.