Steve W (16 Nov 2010)
"RE Micheal Colunga and Leviticus law"

Mr Colunga Please read apostile Paul's Romans Chapters 2 through 5 pray for disernment as you read, Please let the good news be reveiled to your heart and after the book of Romans read Luke chapter 18 verse 9 through 14  I am free from the law because Jesus took my sins and your sins among himself, does this mean we can sin and sin No of course not.  When the holy ghost entered me I was changed, I was still pretty dumb, but I have read and studied the good news. each time I do I pray for discernment.  Each day i grow stronger, I can feel my spirit gain strengh against the flesh and the desires of the flesh.  I don't think anyone has ever been as sorry a person as me, I have sinned in my life so much but now I am saved and I am free from the law but with the spirit of the holy ghost residing with me, as long as I am in the flesh I will sin, but I pray each day for forgiveness and strengh to do better each day.  Don't be miserable trying to obey the law and failing, Let Jesus set you free, first, feel his love growing and never condem anyone for only God has the right to judge.  Before the law Abraham didn't know the law but he was righteous because of his faith not because he obeyed the law.   God bless and Keep you safe and all of the Doves as well.  Thank you John for all the hard work you do for us.