Steve W (13 Nov 2010)
"To Lewis Brackett and Doves:  Are we still under the Levitical law?"

 Hi Lewis and Doves,
Thanks for your post yesterday Lewis. I wholeheartedly agree, we are no longer bound by the Leviticus law. Praise God! The longer I live the more sinful I see how I am. Someone once said, "We are all murders and adulterers." King David was certainly one, yet a man after God's own heart. To some degree we all judge others from time to time, thinking "their" sin is far worse than ours. Whether it's the homosexual, adulterer, gossip, or addict, we in our hearts can be the one who says, "Thank God I'm not a sinner like him." I suppose this other-centered contempt we have is nothing more than a coping mechanism to elevate ourselves to a more "righteous" posture so we don't have to take a good look in our own hearts to see that we are really no different than the liars,murders,adulters,etc. Once we see ourselves as the one who beats his chest crying out for mercy, we can have the compassion and understanding that our Lord has for ALL sinners. The difference between the world and the church is not the amount of sins we have done, nor is it even the types of sin we do. The difference is we have accepted God's gift of salvation and he mercifully has granted us forgiveness for all past,present,and future sins. And in so doing, we have become royal heirs of the King and His Kingdom. Truly,this Gospel is almost too good to be true.
Steve W.