Steve W (12 Nov 2010)
"Skyline Now Playing ! Has the Great Deception Begun? My Thoughts"

Dear Doves,
Today is the major opening for the movie Skyline . As you can see below, it is being strategically released  worldwide. Specifically, it will hit geographically many largely populated areas within the next week or so.

Release dates for
Skyline (2010

Country Date
Australia 11 November 2010
Thailand 11 November 2010
Canada 12 November 2010
India 12 November 2010
Malaysia 12 November 2010
Taiwan 12 November 2010
UK 12 November 2010
USA 12 November 2010
Estonia 19 November 2010
Philippines 24 November 2010
Spain 26 November 2010
Sweden 26 November 2010
Singapore 2 December 2010
Finland 10 December 2010
Norway 10 December 2010
France 15 December 2010
Germany 23 December 2010
Portugal 30 December 2010
Skyline is an upcoming science fiction thriller film directed and produced by the Brothers Straus. After a night of partying, a group of friends are distracted when beams of light awaken everyone in Los Angeles, that then attracts every person like a moth to a flame. As the night progresses, they soon discover that once addicted to the light you vanish into thin air, as well as extraterrestrial forces that later begin to swallow the entire human race.
Here is an updated trailer if you haven't yet seen it.
My Thoughts:
As many folks have alluded to here at five doves and other prophecy websites, this movie with it's timing and storyline could play some type of role with regards to a possible explanation for the Rapture. While the movie
has received so so reviews, it is a relatively low budget and star-less film. It is significant in that it portrays worldwide humanity being abducted by aliens.
 Whether or not the movie is believable, it could serve as a theoretic  baseline for the world to reason what (the Rapture) has just happened. To us this may seem rather silly, but think for a moment from the worlds perspective immediately after the Rapture. It will be without a doubt the greatest single most astonishing event in the history of the world.
People will be at loss to explain what has occurred. The greatest minds in our world today will attempt to give  plausible scientific explanations to the nations ,their leaders, and their citizens. With such great intellectuals as Stephen Hawking, the world will be desperate for an explanation and rationalization from the scientific elite. It's not a stretch at all to think that they may conclude our disappearance was an alien abduction. Think now from their perspective, what else could it possibly be ?
Now I don't believe the Rapture will be anything like the movie. The world though may see us being lifted through the air by a "mysterious force" that is invisible. With many "Christians" (in name only) still left,
this may reason for some that a "rapture event" couldn't be the cause of the sudden and mysterious disappearance of millions of people worldwide.
While many of us had thought the Rapture might have happened in Sept/Oct of this year their have been many
recent posts written that give credence with the explanation that the Rapture could occur anytime from now
to early December. All I can say from my personal perspective as I mentioned in a post about a month ago,
is I distinctly heard the word "2010" when I asked the Lord when he would return. It was loud,clear,and unmistakable. I was blown away. I have never in my 35 years as a believer heard the voice of God so
loud and clear. I was given Matt. 25 (parable of the virgins) when I asked the Lord for a confirmation. I honestly
had no idea what was in Matt. 25. This happened in Aug. of 2006.
Could it be with the release of Skyline and the possible run of the film over the next few days and weeks that there will be a subtle conditioning of
the minds of the viewers, giving at least a possible explanation for the Rapture? Typically movies have a run of about three weeks, unless it's a blockbuster. Add three weeks from today and we come interestingly enough to
Hanukah. Recent posts over the last week or so by some have given credence to a possible Rapture at or near Hanukah 2010. Interesting to contemplate. Just maybe.....
Steve W.