Stacy Raborn (8 Nov 2010)
"For Rene:  Nearness of the Rapture, Visions and Dreams"

Hi Rene, I feel the same way and don't usually focus on specific dates, although I do have my hopes up for the current timeframe of November!!  I KNOW His coming is near; that much I am confident about.  All of the different visions can be confusing, although I have seen many similarities too, as well as differences. 
And, I also have not had any visions or any dreams about the rapture and have asked the Lord several times, "Does this mean I'm not going?  Please don't leave me Lord!"  But gently in my mind, I remember that He chose me, and I love Him as my husband, my father, my maker, my everything.  He shares His presence with me every day.  I know that His spirit in me makes me abhor evil and crave righteousness.  My love for Him overflows like streams of living water, and I constantly want more of Him.  These thoughts can only be reminders from the Holy Spirit.
When I think of these things, I cannot imagine the "betrayal" of being left behind.  Jesus is not like that; He is a faithful groom.  He has chosen me, I have responded, I am in Him and He in me.  I am His bride and I am going!  I don't know you, but if you are born again and surrendered to Him, then you are going too!!
I am glad to know someone else feels "left out" from all the visions and things (I was kind of feeling that maybe I might be the only one), but all the more that you and I haven't had visions and dreams but yet still passionately believe and wait and watch, I think He is very pleased with that!!
Your Sister in Christ Jesus,
Stacy (original post)