Stacy Raborn (24 Nov 2010)
"To Lydia"

Hello Lydia.  Thank you so much for your encouraging post!!  I too have not had visions nor dreams, even after much desiring and asking.  I so desire to see the face of Jesus and to hear His beautiful voice -- without any influence by my own self!
However, I like you, remind myself that He is pleased that I love and seek Him even without seeing or hearing as others have.  I have to stay ahead of Satan with this, because after a life of much rejection, he often uses this to tell me that I am just not quite special enough to Jesus.  I know this is a lie, because Jesus loves me even more passionately than I love Him!
The writing you attached to your post was extremely encouraging for my weary soul as well.  I was just feeling bad this very morning about feeling "left out".  I have learned to reject my feelings and stand on His word.  It feels good to rely solely on Him and His word!!
Thank you again, and I pray that you and I both (and anyone else feeling this way) can rest in knowing that we are HIS regardless of what we see or hear!  We are children of the most high God.  And even better, WE ARE HIS BRIDE, and we are about to be married to Him for eternity!  Praise our loving Jesus!!