Spoely (23 Nov 2010)
"Missile Fired? - 11/21/2010"

I was sitting on a Delta flight waiting to leave San Juan, on 11/21/2010, headed to Atlanta.  It was roughly 2:30 Atlantic Time.   As we began to board we were told we could leave 10 minutes early because of the weather, schedule and clearance.  Shortly before takeoff, the pilot came on and said that our flight path was changed more to the west.  I was sure I heard NASA was firing off a missile and the pilot was advised to change course, just to be safe.  (My wife is not 100% sure, NASA was mentioned, but we both agree it was a “missile.)” 

That did strike me odd.  First, why such a short notice of the missile being fired?  Does NASA do anything without advanced notice?  If not NASA, who else?

Second, if it was NASA, there is no mention of the firing of anything on 11/21/2010.

Anybody have any thoughts or ideas on this story?

We arrived safe in Atlanta!