Sharon Gilbert (1 Nov 2010)
"Zubenelgenubi/Sun conjunction Nov 8th 2010"

Using Biblical astronomy, another reason to watch November 8, 2010 from Rapture in the Air:

"The Sun's path along the elliptic is about to leave the constellation of Virgo in a few days (Nov 1st or 2nd) and enter the constellation of Libra (the Scales).

On it's course the Sun will conjunct with Zubenelgenubi a star in the constellation of Libra on November 8th 2010.

Libra contains three bright stars whose names supply us with the whole matter. The brightest a (in the lower scale), is named Zuben al Genubi, which means the purchase, or price which is deficient. This points to the fact that man has been utterly ruined. He is "weighed in the balances and found wanting."

Jesus came for the purpose of Redemption! He paid the price which covers! Hence in the upper scale we have another bright star with this very name Zuben al Chemali--THE PRICE WHICH COVERS! Praised be God! "They sang a new song, saying, Thou art worthy...for Thou wast slain, and hast God by thy blood" (Rev 5:9)."

(From The Witness of the Stars by E. W. Bullinger)"