Sara Reynolds (24 Nov 2010)
"Seeing triple numbers and double numbers plus 7 and multiples of 7"

Yesterday, on 11/22, Kyle and I went to BP to fill the cars up with Gas.  I paid $17.25 + $5.00 for the carwash totaling $22.25.  The washcode was 88834.  888 being the greek gematria of Jesus.  And that's not only the 3 and 4 seen.  Kyle paid $11.00 for the Gas and $5.00 for the carwash totaling $16.00.  His washcode was 33445.  After that, we ate inside BP for Lunch.  The subtotal for the 3 cheeseburgers and 1 hotdog and two sodas was $6.72.  The 7% sales tax was 49 cents, 7x7.  The total then added to $7.21(7x3).  7 years of tribulation with the 21 judgements.  It's a pattern.
On a side note, the other day, I had a dream where the Black Lady touched my forehead and I felt a jolt of the Holy Spirit down my leg.  And last night, Kyle had a dream about the rapture.  Mine was similar to Kyle, except that mine had tornadoes in it.  People just disappeared in my dream.  Would the tornadoes represent the coming tribulation judgements as mentioned in Revelation?
On another note,  When Joseph was 17, he was sold into slavery for 20 shekels of silver.  Then, 20 years later the 7 years of famine came.  Back in 1988, they thought that Jesus was coming back.  20 years later, America voted the fake President Barack Obama.  It comes in a full circle.  For each shekel of silver, it took twenty years for the famine to start.
It's something to think about.  What are your thoughts?
Sara Reynolds
PS:  That is amazing on the Thanksgiving and Harvest anagrams.  God Bless.