Rudy Wallace (4 Nov 2010)
"REF:  Daniel Matson (3 Nov 2010)  Confirming the covenant with many....."

Daniel Matson (3 Nov 2010)
"He shall confirm the covenant with many"
My take is that the covenant that is confirmed with many may actually be the Abrahamic Covenant.  If the Psalms 83 war were to break out in a few days and Israel wins back all of those surrounding nations that belong to her as per the Abrahamic Covenant,  the world could blink, and out of fear agree to let them have their "promised land".  Then the Temple construction could begin and sacrifices could actually be started in a tabernacle like the one in the Old Testament that could be put up in just a few days to serve until the temple was completed.
With the Jews then focused on their conquest and re-establishing their temple worship, the world could then re-group for the counter attack in the middle of the seven weeks.
The covenant is "confirmed" giving the inference that a covenant already exists and will be confirmed with many.  Perhaps the Abrahamic Covenant?