Rudy Wallace (16 Nov 2010)
"Web Bot Bombs....Big Time"

The WebBot is run by an atheist yet we still check it to see the predictions for the soon coming future.  I saw the term "tipping point" in many prophecy posts last week and I knew where it came from. 
But, no major disaster yet and the stock market is up big time and the October retail numbers are good.
My point?  We do not have to have a "disaster", as such, for the rapture to occur.  We could be caught up on a beautiful sunny day, with propserity still high, a booming stock market, high employment and a rosy situation.
The rapture could be any day now, and it doesn't take any specific set of events in order for it to occur.
So keep looking up doves and leave the disappointment behind.  Enjoy each and every day and give thanks to God. Laugh a little, eat some ice cream and snuggle in front of the fireplace.