Rowina (26 Nov 2010)
"To Robert Rose on how celestial calendar might move Hanukah"

Concerning your realization that the Celestial Calendar might be a  
month later than the currently used
Jewish calendar, thus moving the Feast of Hanukah:

People say Hanukah starts December 1, 2010, and runs eight days on  
the currently used calendar (some say
  Dec. 2,even Dec. 4).    If counting 30 days to the future from Dec.  
1 or 2,
  Hanukah then starts on the last days of 2010 and runs into the  
first days of 2011.
Those eight days would encircle the date of the Christian feast of  
the Epiphany, which means
"Great Appearing" in the Greek.  Epiphany (Epiphania) is Orthodox  
Christmas, on January 6, and celebrates
the first coming of Jesus, when He was born in Bethlehem.

So thus the Jewish feast would wrap its arms around the Christian  
feast of Epiphania, the Great
Appearing of Our Lord.  I am not a crackerjack date-maven as most  
here are, but I think that if
Hanukah occurred on Dec. 30 that the last day of Hanukah would be on  
Orthodox Christmas,
called Epiphania, or Great Appearing.   Perhaps He would bless the  
Orthodox and us by
Appearing for the second time on their Christmas.

That's if the calendar truly is off a month, as you and many others  
have surmised!

Remember to love our Orthodox brethren, who have suffered much over  
the centuries at the hands of the
antichrist forces, long before we were born.  Pray for their  
Christmas to be a culminating revelation of Emanuel,
whether or not He comes in the rapture on that day, in their spirits  
if not in their flesh!  But preferably in their
flesh, and ours, on that Day!

  Remember the wonderful Christmas carol: "Oh come, oh come Emanuel!   
And rescue Captive Israel!"   We
are the Church, not Israel, but are grafted into the tree, and thus  
we too sing to be rescued by Emanuel,
which signifies God With Us!