Rowina (26 Nov 2010)
"To Suzi: my anti-Splenda testimony!"

Yes, Splenda is not at all splendid for human consumption.

People in restaurants refer to it as the all-natural, all good  
sweetener, the hero
who has defeated evil Sugar!

Once I tried Splenda, because I'd ordered a cup of tea at a natural  
foods store, and they
had packets of Splenda.  I might explain that I am chemically  
sensitive to some drugs and
foods, and usually I consume the blessed entity known as Sugar, which  
never harms me
unless I overdo on it.

Within minutes of consuming the Splenda, I was in attack.  I felt  
like I was separated from
my body and could not think well, although I could sort of move my  
limbs by remote control.
I tried to check out with my groceries, but I was moving so poorly  
that the clerk insisted on
calling 911.  This probably was a big over-reaction on her part, and  
911 found me to be
OK when the medics came, but I had a pounding pulse, and spasticity  
(muscle rigidity in
response to muscle weakness), and of course was communicating from  
"remote control."
I've had this before when I consumed the wrong thing, and at this  
time the only new thing
I had consumed was Splenda.  Splenda seems to attack the nerves of  
the autonomic nervous
system.  Perhaps it could be used as a chemical weapon, to render the  
enemy ineffective.

I have no idea what its chemical composition is, but I do know that I  
will have Sugar and
not Splenda.  Splenda affects me much more than the old, banned  
artificial sweeteners of
my youth.  Of course I never consume Aspartame, which is in so many  
diet products, and
which gave me the same problem (spasticity) as the Splenda, only  
perhaps not quite as bad.
Splenda is promoted as superior to Aspartame; I personally doubt it!