Rowina (24 Nov 2010)
"To Suzi on Charles' use of "fleece""

Suzi, Charles stated that he had not often used fleeces, in his lifetime.  Only a
few over decades, only when it seemed important.

I would say that fleeces should not be used casually.  I too have wondered if they
were divination and not of the Lord.  But I think if Charles used them in a reverent,
non-casual way, and only used them when they were really important to him, then
he was using them properly.

Then you raise the question, what if the fleece is not answered?  I think that in
Charles' case, the very idea of doing a fleece came from the Lord who intended
to answer it.  You notice, again, that he did not use these often or casually, only
when it came to him that it was a God sent thing to do.

I can't remember if I have ever tried to use a fleece.  I surely have asked for signs.
And sometimes frivolously asked, in which case no sign came....but there have been
times when I think God acted FIRST; He intended to give me a sign, so He let my
natural desire for a sign come to the top of my mind, and so I asked Him for the sign.

I have had a few amazing signs.  More lately than formerly, as I think we are now living
more in the Spirit as things wind down, or wind up!  I have not written about these much,
if at all, as I don't want to make more of them than I should, but I may put one of my
signs here in another post.

Bless us as we get ready to meet Him.