Rowina (2 Nov 2010)
"To Sharon, Sandra and Steve on "confirming the covenant""

I read the account by Missler posted by Sandra, of the Jewish wedding as a model for the
rapture of the Bride of Christ.  Missler refers to the seven days that the wedded couple are
in the Huppah as a time when the covenent they had made a year earlier is confirmed.
Well!  How about that for a seven year "covenant with many"?  Steve offers a new thought
about the seven year covenant confirmed, and I offer this new thought.  Maybe it is the
Covenant with us!

Of course the falling down of the walls which Steve mentions--how would that fit into the
seven days in the Huppah, behind the wall, unseen by the rest of the wedding party?
Is the falling down of the wall the time when the bride and groom emerge, with her
unveiled for the first time in the sight of the wedding guests?

Pardon me if I'm off on a flight here, but it just sounds so wonderful.

Of course the covenant is breached in mid-trib, in those seven years, by the anti-christ,
so perhaps that would not fit.  And the wrath descends in the latter part of the years.

I do like to think of wonderful things happening instead of horrible ones, and pray for
that to be as true as it can possibly be.