Rowina (17 Nov 2010)
"Repeating my vision of 19 years ago, of Jesus/stars"

I read the various visions people have, many of which involve the Seven Stars of the churches,
the seven branches of the Menorah, etc.  It reminds me of my vision of 19 years and 3 months
ago, in late August, and I thought I'd just put that vision here again, even though I don't see in it
a prediction of when the rapture will be.

On the day of my vision I had made a very large decision, to stop attending the Catholic church.
I had felt myself plunged into a different "time", that is, I was in the first century church, right after
Jesus walked on earth.  I drove home and went upstairs to rest.  I reached up to pull down the
window blind.  I saw Jesus in the sky.

It was about one PM, daylight, but there were stars behind Him in the clouds.  Probably seven,
but I did not count.  Six or seven, maybe He was the middle one, as He is the Servant Branch
of the Menorah.

I saw him from his chest up, very clearly, and He looked like a normal but wonderfully perfect
man.  He was the Resurrected One, not battered or bruised.  He had warm dark eyes, and He
invited me to look into them and feel His love.  I did so.  I had no fear--I have often wondered
if this meant it was not a true vision, for should I have not feared?  But I did not fear.

He sent His love into my heart in physically felt waves, which filled up my heart.  When my
heart was full, I felt I should look away, for no more could come into my heart then.  I did
lie down on the bed and went to sleep, peacefully, feeling complete and peaceful.

This is the only vision of Jesus I have had, although I have had some other experiences of
heavenly things, such as being pulled through the air in the rapture, very happy and safe
to be pulled, not worried.

The fact that I saw these daytime stars behind him, in the half-obscured daylight sky,
makes me think I saw Him with the stars representing the Seven Churches.  I can't say
if this signifies anything other than that He is with the churches, still standing in their midst,
or at least he was then, nineteen years and three months ago.

I have a Menorah which was owned by my grandmother.  She bought it in an antique shop
in Rome about a hundred years ago.  I don't know if she knew it was a Jewish menorah.  She
was a Protestant Christian who came to America as a girl from Scotland.  This Menorah was
always in my childhood home, for she must have given it to my parents for some reason.  They
called it the Menorah, but they did not tell me what it signified.   The Menorah has always stayed
with me, even when we lost many other things through fire (in 2000) and by having to move
often, with things stolen and broken.  My Menorah is very precious to me and becomes more so
every day.

So there is what I saw and I don't know if it means anything other than Jesus loves me and will
be with me to the end, whenever that comes.  But those six or seven stars--they are something
more than just His love.  Daystars, shining in the daylight but cloudy sky above the trees outside.

I wish He would come like that, to get us in the Rapture, in all the churches where there is a
remnant belonging to Him.  I don't have any knowledge of when He will come.  I read what
others think, and just hope it will be soon.