Ron Reese (6 Nov 2010)

Having recently posted a High Rapture Alert for the days of Oct. 19--27th, I have been reluctant to post another High Rapture Alert so soon following that.  However, there is so much potential for the next 10 days, Oct. 5--14th, to be the time of the Sudden Destruction, and, therefore the Rapture, that I really have no choice.  So much has been written during the past few weeks, and especially the past few days, on, that I am not going into all of the details.  I encourage all of you on my mailing list who do not read Five Doves, to read today's postings, almost all of which revolve around all that is pointing to the next ten days.  It is truly amazing the potential of what MAY be about to happen.  At least read these two links below posted today, Nov. 5th, to get some idea of why so many watchers are extremely excited about the potential for the next ten days.
I MAY have found the Biblical connection to the next ten days, also, which nobody else has posted on.  I recently received a letter from fellow Biblical watchman, Jim Harman, whom I have known for many years, and who I shared a display table in the 1990's with, at the International Bible Prophecy Conference, sponsored by God's News Behind the News.  Jim has authored several excellent books on Bible Prophecy, which can be found on his website, listed below. 
The bottom line of this recent POSSIBLE discovery is that we could have the wrong date for the 17th of Chesvan, the day that the Great Flood came, in Noah's time, and probably the day that Noah entered the Ark, typifying the Rapture.  Our calendar put the 17th day of the 2nd month at Oct. 25--27th, when instead it could POSSIBLY be Nov. 8th, give or take a day or two.  I believe that the Lord has shown me that Noah is one of the keys to the timing of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction.
This makes this letter below so exciting, because so much else seems to be also pointing to this same time frame.  Please read Jim's email to me below:
I was disappointed that we are still here and I got out an old copy of The Blessed Hope that I did back in 1991.  The following is a quote from page 60:
"The date of November 13, 1992 could be the correct date for the Rapture - provided 1992 is the correct year and provided the Jewish months are the correct means of counting time.
Another possibility was brought out in a book called: THE LONG DAY OF JOSHUA.  The authors contend that the correct way to reckon time is from the fall equinox of each year.  They state this would have been on September 21 at the time of Noah which would mean the flood came 47 days (30+17) later on November 7.  If this is the correct methodology to use, what would be the 17th day of the second month in 1992?
The fall equinox falls on September 22, in 1992.  Moving forward 47 days from this point gives us November 8, as the 17th day of the second month.  If time should be counted from the fall equinox, then the Rapture could occur on November 8, 1992"
I asked Cindy to help me find the book: The Long Day of Joshua, but she reminded me that one of the members of our ministy loaned us their copy of the book so we don't have the book to look it up again.  This year the fall equinox also fell on September 22, so November 8th, 2010, could be the time.
Thanks for all your recent e-mails. I am hoping it could still take place this fall.
God bless,
Jim Harman
For those of you who did not read the two posts that are linked above, it is imperative that you do so.  There is so very much potential for the next ten days to be the time of the Sudden Destruction/Rapture, that it cannot be emphasized enough.  The two main pointers are Obama, the Antichrist, fleeing the country with 3000 people, and the Web bot projections.  There are many other signs that you can read about on the Five Doves website, but I am only concentrating on these two.
Before I discuss these two possible MAJOR pointers, I must tell you that those who are using the 2010--2017 timeline are especially hopeful, as by their own admission, the Final 7 Years MUST begin no later than Nov. 8, 2010.  I remain totally convinced that the correct Biblical timeline for the Final 7 Years is Oct. 29, 2008, to Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015.  This makes the midpoint, or the start of the 1260-day Great Tribulation, Apr. 11, 2012.  All three of these dates have been marked specifically in the Heavens, just like Jesus promised.  No such claims can be made by the proponents of the 2010--2017, or 2007--2014 timelines.  To those of you who are proponents of the 2010--2017 time frame, if nothing happens in the next few days, I sincerely hope that many of you will give serious consideration to the correct Biblical time line of the Fall of 2008 to the Fall of 2015, being the Final 7 Years.
There remains only one more MAIN date to be discovered.  That, of course, is the date of the Rapture, the date that most all of us are anxiously awaiting.  After 37 years of studying end-times Bible Prophecy, my position on the Rapture, has evolved to the point where I am totally convinced that the time of the Rapture will be at the time of the Sudden Destruction.  It may, or may not, occur on a Feast Day.  I have thoroughly documented (, my position on why I believe, per Genesis 45, that we have every reason to expect the Rapture/Sudden Destruction to take place in the Fall of 2010. 
In my opinion, there are two MAIN time frames left this Fall  when the Rapture/SD could take place.  As Grant Jeffrey has stated, the date of the 24th of Kislev, Hanukkah Eve, per Haggai 2, should be the time of World War III, Ezekiel 38 and 39. This year that translates to Dec. 1--3rd.  The other starts today, from Nov. 5--14th.  Perhaps the Sudden Destruction on the United States, possibly during this time when Obama is fleeing the country, is the opening shot of World War III, which could culminate several days later around Dec. 1st.
There has been so much already written about Obama's 10-day trip, which starts today, Nov. 5th, costing up to TWO BILLION DOLLARS, that I am only going to discuss it briefly, and encourage those on my mailing list to go to and read especially today's posts of Nov. 5th, and the previous few days.  The big question, as Glenn Beck keeps asking over and over again, is "Why???"  Why is Obama risking his life to do this?  Why right after the elections???  Why has this trip been postponed two or three times???  Why is it necessary to take 3000 people with him???  Why, when our country is in such economic straits, is he spending up to TWO BILLION DOLLARS of our hard-earned tax money to make such an outlandish trip???  Is it just a coincidence that Hillary Clinton is out of the country during this same time???
Rush Limbaugh is asking the question, "Is Obama coming back?", as he wonders if this is a government in exile, as much of Obama's top brass, and the country's business leaders are going with him.   Many have wondered about the spiritual, or occultic, implications of this trip to India, highly Hindu, and Indonesia, the most populous Islamic country in the world.  On the other hand, why is Vice President Joe Biden being left behind, to meet with top U.S. Jewish leaders and Israeli leaders, including Benjamin Netanyahu, in New Orleans.
With Joseph undeniably being the most complete type of Jesus in the entire Word of God, with many of the details of Joseph's life amazingly, and by divine design, paralleling the life of Jesus, we simply CANNOT IGNORE THE EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT 7-YEAR FAMINE WEEK.  There can be no doubt this is a parallel of the Final 7 Years, which began on Oct. 29, 2008.  As of late Oct. of 2010, TWO YEARS HAVE NOW EXPIRED. 
Gen. 45: 6--7 says, "For these TWO YEARS hath the famine been in the land:  and yet there are FIVE YEARS, in the which there shall neither be earing nor harvest.  And God sent me before you...TO SAVE YOUR LIVES BY A GREAT DELIVERANCE."  It cannot be emphasized enough that we should have every reason to expect A GREAT DELIVERANCE, THE RAPTURE, TO TAKE PLACE TWO YEARS INTO THE FINAL 7 YEARS.  WE ARE THERE!!!  IT IS NOW EARLY NOVEMBER, 2010, AND WE ARE THERE!!!
The questions now are exactly when will our Great Deliverance take place, and what are we being delivered from?  On my website, you can read my post, "Simultaneous Rapture and Sudden Destruction", which is totally supported from the Word of God.  The New World Order elite have openly and boldly proclaimed their plans for a "Planned Sudden Destruction".  Out of chaos, or Sudden Destruction, shall come the New World Order is their motto.  Obama, who has been chosen, and annointed, to be the leader of the NWO, also has been planted in the U.S., to destroy our country. 
Now this week he is fleeing the country for ten days.  Many people, and I repeat MANY, are questioning "WHY???"  His explanation is that he wants to see the Festival of Lights, and this explanation is readily accepted by the media to justify all of the hoopla and extravagence, and expense, and secretiveness, surrounding this highly suspicious flight from the country.  I suggest to you that it is very possible that Obama could be fleeing the country to avoid the NWO elite's "Planned Sudden Destruction", for our country.  
These NWO elite are well on their way to having their dream fulfilled.  The world's only superpower, the United States, is the one obstacle still standing in their way.  They have been elaborately scheming for a New World Order for many decades.   It is the last domino yet to fall.  From several end-time Bible Prophecy authors, such as Thomas Horn, author of "Apollyn Rising--2012", we have learned of their scheming plans to establish a one-world government in the year 2012.  A "Planned Sudden Destruction", of the United States, in late 2010, would seem to fall right in line, right on schedule, as it will give them over a year to organize, and structure, and set up the Mark of the Beast system, so that everything will be in place by April 11, 2012, the day that Obama is scheduled, per Revelation 13, to recover from the mortal head wound, and begin his 1260-day reign as the Antichrist. 
He will probably come to power as the World President, or World Dictator, some time in 2011, as the Word says that he is given power to "CONTINUE", for 42 months.  It is amazing the percentage of EVIL KINGS in the Old Testament that reigned for TWO YEARS ONLY.  Look it up for yourselves.  I believe it is a sign that the Lord is giving to us that the ULTIMATE EVIL KING, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, THE ANTICHRIST, will only rule as King, or President, of the U.S. for TWO YEARS.
For that to become reality, something really, really big HAS to happen very shortly.
That something really, really big MAY be ready to take place in the very near future.  I suggest to you that the October surprise that never materialized, MAY have been scheduled for November right along.  I do not pretend to know what this "Planned Sudden Destruction" may be, or from what source, other than to say that the New World Order elite, and Obama, are well aware of it. 
This brings us to the other MAJOR pointer for the time period of Nov. 5--14th, of the Web bot.  I have never researched the Web bot.  I have read much from other sources that has been sent to my email account, or been posted on Five Doves.  It is not really known how scientific the Web bot website is.  It is NOT a Christian website.  We CANNOT rely on the Web bot to make predictions, concerning Bible Prophecy.  I do not know the formula the Web bot uses to make their forecasts, or predictions.
There are two reasons that I, and many other Biblical watchmen, are currently looking at the Web bot, for POSSIBLE forecasts.  The first reason is that they have been right on other forecasts, or predictions, most notably the infamous date of 
09--11--01, and the massive terrorist attacks.  I do not know that they got the exact date right, but they did predict this within a few days.  Supposedly, Hurricane Katrina was also an event that they forecast correctly.  And there have been others.  The Web bot has also missed on occasion.
The other reason we are giving this consideration is because of the timing and the magnitude of what they are predicting.  Their latest projection is from Nov. 5th through Nov. 14th of this year, the EXACT ten-day time frame of Obama's mysterious and question-raising trip out of the country, taking 3000 people with him. 
I have been saying for well over one year now, that the next MAJOR event on God's calendar is the opening of the 2nd Seal, which is WAR, with a GREAT SWORD.  Revelation 6:4 says, "And there went out another horse that was red:  and POWER WAS GIVEN TO HIM TO HIM THAT SAT THEREON TO TAKE PEACE FROM THE EARTH, AND THAT THEY SHOULD KILL ONE ANOTHER:  AND THERE WAS GIVEN UNTO HIM A GREAT SWORD." 
The Great Sword that is being mentioned is almost assuredly nuclear weapons.
Are Obama and the 3000 people fleeing a planned nuclear Sudden Destruction upon the United States.  Has Obama given the Russians, or Iranians, or Chinese, or North Koreans, or Muslim terrorists, the go-ahead to devastate, or even destroy, our country with weapons of mass destruction???????????  If this seems too extreme for some of you, please consider the following:
1.  Most Biblical Prophecy scholars see World War III, with Ezekiel 38 and 39, Russia and Iran's massivie invasion of Israel, taking place VERY soon.  This is difficult to comprehend, with the U.S. being the world's only superpower.  Something MAJOR must happen for Russia and Iran to be bold enough to make this Biblical thrust southward to Israel.
2.  I believe that 1st Seal has been opened with Obama's rapid emergence to power in the U.S.   His "Conquering" has been done, with a bow with no arrows, according to Rev. 6:2.  He has been conquering the U.S. from within, and MAY be now poised to destroy it, whether completely, or partially, remains to be seen.  Next up, after the 1st Seal is the 2nd Seal, which we just read about, with WAR AND THE GREAT SWORD.
3.  If the U.S. is mentioned at all in end-times Bible Prophecy, it is only suggested as possibly mystery Babylon, which is destroyed in one hour.  Is the world about to witness this massive destruction??? 
4.  Obama, being the Biblical Antichrist, and being planted here to destroy the U.S., under the direction of the New World Order elite, with his anti-American views, his anti-Christian views, his pro-Muslim agenda, his NWO agenda, would certainly have no qualms about facilitating this Planned Sudden Destruction of the United States.  Those of you who have a better opinion of this evil man, need to read Revelation 13, to see what is about to take place with this wicked, arrogant, narcissistic tyrant, who is soon to become the World's Evil Dictator.  I will pray that the Lord will give you spiritual discernment, and that you be not deceived like most of the rest of the world.
     Revelation 13:7--8 says, "And it was given unto him TO MAKE WAR WITH THE SAINTS, AND TO OVERCOME THEM:  AND POWER WAS GIVEN HIM OVER ALL
kindreds, and tongues, and nations.  And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him..." 
5.  According to Revelation 6, the results of the opening of the 1st four Seal Judgments is that one-fourth of the world will have perished, most of them directly, or indirectly, as a result of World War III.  This will be as a result of the nuclear destruction, and resulting diseases and worldwide famine.  One-fourth of the population of the world is over one and a half billion people.  So, the above projections from the Web bot may be vastly understated, if anything.
6.  Luke 17: 28--30 says, "As it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;  BUT THE SAME DAY that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them ALLEVEN THUS SHALL IT BE IN THE DAY THE SON OF MAN IS REVEALED."
     These verses tell us about the SIMUNTANEOUS RAPTURE AND SUDDEN DESTRUCTION.  These verses tell us that ALL in the targeted areas were destroyed.  Are we awaiting the complete destruction of the United States?  Or are we awaiting the complete destruction of New York City?  Are one of these two entities Mystery Babylon?  Or are we awaiting massive terrorist attacks in several major U.S. cities? 
     One other possible scenario comes to mind.  Joe Biden, our V.P., is meeting with Jewish leaders from Israel and the U.S., including Netanyahu.  Some have suggested that the Bible Codes are indicating an assasination of Netanyahu, which will ignite World War III, and the Rapture.  If this is true, and it is risky trying to predict the future from the Bible Codes, IS THIS THE TIME???  Why are they meeting in New Orleans, and not Washington D.C., or New York City?  Is it because these other cities are targeted for disaster?  Is there a Planned Sudden Destruction, in the form of a massive tsunami, as a result of the recent Gulf Oil Catastrophe?  This could easily wipe out everyone in New Orleans.  Not a prediction, just thinking out loud of a possible alternative to World War III. 
Not many people, even Bible Prophecy watchmen, understand the SNARE OR TRAP, that is currently being set by the New World Order elite, and Obama.  From my perspective, there has NEVER been a more appropriate time for this TRAP to spring than in the next few days.  The question needs to be asked once again, "Why, why, why, is Obama fleeing the country, risking his life, with 3000 other people, right after the elections???"  This possible Biblical scenario, pre-planned Sudden Destruction, opening of the 2nd Seal, fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 and 39 soon after, will undoubtedly be of such tremendous magnitude for Obama to immediately suspend the results of the U.S. elections indefinitely, allowing what is left of the United States, to continue on the destructive path, that Obama and the NWO elite have planned for it. 
I just heard on Fox News today that the stock market just hit its highest mark for the entire year of 2010.  Over 99% of the church world, at least in the U.S., today is not looking for any Sudden Destruction to hit, either.  I cannot find a church anywhere near where I live that is warning their people about the closeness of the coming Sudden Destruction and the Judgments in the Book of Revelation.  Nope, it is business as usual, just as prophesied in Luke 17, right up until the time of Sudden Destruction.  Our churches are filled with backslidden, worldly, compromising, worldly, unwatchful, and lukewarm Christians, who are very content in their spiritual state.  We can only warn them.  We can only pray for them.  It is my sincere prayer than no one reading this email falls into any of the above categories.
Someone very dear to me once recorded a tape, with all Rapture songs.  One of the songs was played over and over again on the late Dr. Charles Taylor's, of California, radio program.  The title of that fast-moving popular gospel song is "The Party's Over".  One line is worthy of repeating over and over again, as this is what a true Biblical watchman does:
If only the unsaved and worldly, lukewarm Christians would understand, and receive the annointed words of that great song.  Any day now it may be too late.  THE GREAT DELIVERANCE, THE RAPTURE, OF GENESIS 45, APPEARS READY TO TAKE PLACE.  THE ALL-ENCOMPASSING SNARE IS BEING SET AND THOSE WHOM THE LORD FINDS WORTHY, ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO WILL ESCAPE THIS TRAP, OF LUKE 21, WHICH IS THE SUDDEN DESTRUCTION OF 1ST THESSALONIANS 5. 
Right after the verse about the snare, or trap, comes this verse in Luke 21:36, where Jesus warns ALL end-times Christians, "WATCH, ye therefore, and pray always, that YOU MAY BE ACCOUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE ALL THESE THINGS THAT SHALL COME TO PASS, AND TO STAND BEFORE THE SON OF MAN (JESUS)."
I know I speak for many thousands, when I say thank you, John, for all of your years of dedicated service to this wonderful ministry of Five Doves, and to the Lord.  I know firsthand what a large ministry like this can involve, and because of our human frailities and limitations, how easy it can become to experience burnout and weariness and fatigue and frustration.  You have held up very well, John.  May the Lord continue to give you strength and guidance and patience from now until the day of our blessed Lord's Soon Return.  It should not be long now, John, not long at all.
Ron Reese