Robert Rose (17 Nov 2010)
"Rapture Dream"

I just talked with my sister on the phone about a dream she had 2-3 nights ago regarding Jesus descending with his angels to earth. 

This is the first dream she has had regarding anything heavenly or biblical with such vividness.   

She has recently starting showing interest in the bible, the word of GOD.  She has never been interested in anything regarding Jesus or the bible until just recently, like less than 1 month ago, so I’m happy for her.  Right now she has very little knowledge of the bible and no knowledge of end time bible prophecy.  That’s how new she is to this. 

Anyway, she said she was outside at night time and all of a sudden all the lights went out everywhere.  Street lights and everything. 

She decided to run into her home and there was no electricity in her home.  It was pitch black.  She then ran into her room and saw an extreme bright light behind her bedroom curtains.  As she opened her curtains she was blinded by an intense white light. 

She saw Jesus and his angels descending to earth.  The angels had wings and trumpets in their hands.  They were playing beautiful songs as they descended with Jesus.  She said Jesus was with them and he wasn’t sitting down on a throne.  Jesus was actually standing up, but at the same time descending.  She described him very, very tall and luminous.  In fact he was so tall that it was possible for many people to see him from very far away.  

Many people looked up to see what was going on because all the electricity was eliminated. Then she woke up with a scream and ran to her curtains to see behind them, but there was nothing there.  She has never had a dream from GOD, or such a dream with such vividness.  I told her maybe Jesus is telling her to get prepared because he’s about to return via the rapture.  

All these years alive on earth and now she’s beginning to show interest in Jesus and she has this dream.  It’s amazing.


Robert Rose