Robert Belanger (1 Nov 2010)
"Prayer for Rapture Watchers"

Dear Doves,
Prayer is important. It is part of the job we started when we became Christians and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. He taught us the importance of prayer in the Gospels, especially at the raising of Lazarus, and at Cana and principally in the Garden of Gethsemane. Please seek out opportunities to pray for others, both Christian and non-Christians and let the Father know that you, like him, love all of his creatures.
Some personal background: In June, I was in the emergency section of hospital with a mini-stroke caused they think by untreated hypertension. While being treated with modern drugs, in my suffering, I cried for help like many readers facing problems in their lives are now doing. In my desperation, I even reached out to an aide who was rolling me about the hospital for tests, and asked for her prayers. Her name was Margaret and she said she would keep me in her prayers. It meant a lot to me to hear those words, so I know how others feel when others, even strangers, offer up their prayers.
Thankfully to God, I am recovered now, but the cardiologist says I do not know how lucky I was to recover with no lasting effects. Of course it is my belief that it was not luck at all, but God's mercy that helped me to victory--perhaps, I like to believe,among other reasons to be here today and in the time since then writing these messages and prayers.
Perhaps it is necessary to experience suffering and the sadness that disease can bring to truly empathize with others. If you have always been very healthy, it may be more difficult to express compassion, but it is not impossible. We need to see things from the viewpoint of others who are in pain and discomfort and who are struggling to stay positive and hopeful. Life is not easy sometimes and we can all benefit from the temporary support and help from others.
It is true that most of us, I suspect, do not know each other here on the Five Doves. However, we should not let that stop us from reaching out, even if it only in words on the screen, it will be helpful to the receiver and to others as well. The spiritual prayers and expressed intercession to God can be useful in spite of the physical limitations. I am trying harder to pray for others and hope you will all do so too.
The rapture has been delayed I suppose from the very probable dates posted on this site by so many dedicated Christian believers who are longing for the return of Jesus. I am disappointed to be still here as are many others, I am sure. But let us resolve to continue pressing forward, knowing that God has his reasons that we do not know for his delays. Some day we will understand and rejoice in his ways. Until then, let us resolve to keep watching and waiting for we truly are, I believe, in the very last days before the rapture.
Dear heavenly Father, please remember to console and encourage all who have been expecting the return of your dear son, Jesus, in the rapture and have been disappointed during the month of October and all other times in the past. Give us the strength to maintain our vigilant watch as we wait for the blessed hope to occur and fulfill our spiritual destiny. In time, I believe, our frustration in being mistaken about the probable timing of Jesus return will be overcome as we gaze directly into his face and feel his love.
Let those among us who are the most dedicated and hard-working students of you Holy Word be encouraged to keep up their useful work for the benefit of those who cannot attain their level of expertise. The knowledge that they instill as they explain their insights can and does make us all more mindful of your prophetic words and aims for the creation and our part in it.
Whether by words, computations or numbers, these insights are often directly inspired by the Holy Spirit for the provision of all your children waiting here in time and space for Jesus' return. As we wait, let us always remember to pray for those who need our help and encouragement. Let us remind each other whenever possible of your love and mercy and your ever-present comfort and peace.
 Help us to slow down and provide quiet time in our busy lives to listen for your voice in the sacred silence. Your still, small voice is often not heard except when we have been disabled in some way from our daily pursuits. But it need not be that way. We can proactively seek your presence, without always feeling a need to implore help or telling you what to do.
I pray this message will resonate in the hearts of some Doves and lead them to seek ways to make your presence known and valued in these last days. Please come quickly and soon, Jesus. We need you more than ever in this darkening world.
In Christ Jesus, our Lord and Saviour,