Renee O (25 Nov 2010)
"Prayer Request"

 Dear John and Love Doves:

Please remember my mother in prayer.  Her name is Janet and she was diagnosed with ALS one year ago.  I will be traveling to visit her over the Thanksgiving holiday and would appreciate your prayers for the time we have together.

Mother is a nurse by profession and has refused many of her options (such as a tracheostomy), so things are getting rough with breathing and swallowing issues and just over-all weakness. She is a Christian but I am not sure of her peace and/or if she's truly ever felt the love of God upon her - - this is my prayer as she continues her journey: that she will KNOW the love of God and how greatly He loves us!

Please pray as the Spirit leads you.

Thank you, John, and thank you, all Doves, for your fellowship.  I breathe the words I find here, they are food and drink for my spirit.

Can't wait to praise Him with you all, in ALL HIS GLORY!

In His love and Mine,

Renee O