Renee M (5 Nov 2010)
"WARNINGS about this coming week!!!"

Dear fellow watchmen,

I just felt that I should write to sort of compile some of the
warnings we have been given pointing to this coming week (Nov 6-11,
2010) as something major taking place. If these warnings were only
coming from one or even two sources, I would not be concerned, but
because there are numerous sources pointing to this time period, I
thought it would be nice to have a compilation of the things pointing
to this time period as something taking place (whether that is the
Rapture or just another major terrorist attack, I do not know). Here
are some of the things I have heard or read over the last week or two
that compel me to write this post:

1. Of course, we have Mr. Obama and his family, along with 3000 of his
friends out of the country at that time.

2. If you didn’t already watch the video posted on Nov 4 from BG Ellis
That video really scares me – and the date November 6, 2010, is very
clear when you watch it.

3. We have the Web Bot predicting that November 6-13 will be the time
for a major event to take place.

4. We have Pastor Lindsey Williams last week, after almost 4 months of
silence, letting us know that the Homeland Security Secretary Janet
Napolitano, told her closest friends (one who was a born-again
Christian and let the word out) to IMMEDIATELY get 6 MONTHS of food
and water stored up – and that was within the last few weeks.

5. We also have Pastor Lindsey Williams saying that he cannot tell
about some major events that are planned for at least the next couple
of weeks until his elitist friend dies. He claims that the doctor is
giving this elitist friend 2 weeks to live. He said that as soon as
his friend passes away, he will be able to tell a lot more, and he
expects this to be within a couple of weeks (this was over a week
ago). While I believe he is telling the truth, I question why his
elitist friend told Pastor Lindsey that he cannot tell most of the
information he knows until he has passed away within a couple of
weeks. Why is there this 2-week period where he is not being allowed
to share everything that he knows? I honestly have no idea why, but it
just interests me that this 2-week period of silence being imposed on
Pastor Lindsey just happens to fall in the same time frame that the
Web Bot and other sources are saying will be a major earth changing

6. We have many people on this site posting about the numbers 11/11.
So interesting, I JUST finished watching a TV commercial (which
prompted me to write this post) that has the numbers 11/11 flashing,
with the message that this date will be one that everything on earth
changes and that everyone should stay inside. What kind of a
commercial is that? I was so shocked when I saw it! If I see the
commercial again, I will write down everything that it says and post
it, but that was what I caught from it. After seeing it, I thought I
just have to write something as a warning that this coming week could
be of extreme significance – possibly a bigger terrorist attack than
9/11 or even the Rapture. We’ll see…perhaps this week we will see the
"Great Deliverance" take place 2 years into the famine!

7. And let's not forget the movie "Skyline" that is being released
on November 12, 2010, the perfect way for Satan to fool the world as
to how millions of people suddenly vanished all over the world...

For the Lamb,
Renee Moses