Rene (6 Nov 2010)
"re: nearness of the rapture - visions and dreams"

Many, many people are posting their visions and dreams about the rapture and what God has showed them would happen. Some are saying it will be on a Friday, near Christmas, others are talking about the last Great Day of the Feast of Tabernacles, others are seeing the rapture as being on a Wednesday or a Tuesday, some are certain God has revealed to them it is to be on Hannukah or on November 29th or on Nov 8th or on 11-11. All of them sound quite convincing, but you know - they can't ALL be right! Are there deceptive spirits out there giving people all different messages to keep the saints in turmoil? Every post that claims to have visions and dreams seems to contradict other visions and dreams other saints are having. It is getting beyond bewildering. I myself am not having any recent visions and dreams, so I am wondering if I am about to be left behind? God hasn't whisked me away to heaven or to a white tent somewhere to show me the marriage supper being prepared. Should I be disappointed that I'm not having some of these "dreams and visions?"  I am not a babe in Christ, a new believer, as I've been a born-again Christian for many, many years, but it must be quite confusing when new Christians read all these contradicting messages and wonder what in the world is going on. How to sort them all out???