Rene (22 Nov 2010)
"high dose vitamin C not just for deadly swine flu!"

High dose Vitamin C isn't just for deadly swine flu. It will also
help kill many other disease-causing microbes, such as those
that are responsible for viral pneumonia, chicken pox, ebola,
pertussis, dengue fever, malaria, MRSA, diptheria, herpes
virus, strep, TB, West Nile fever and many, many others!
It can also help kill cancer.
This is one vitamin you need to stock up on. If inflation keeps
going up, it may soon become impossible to buy and the
way our government is going, with the FDA trying to bring
ALL supplements under their control, you may soon find
it impossible to get without a prescription!
You can read about it's  disease-fighting power in this
new book, which also contains the true story of a Christian
nurse who fasted and prayed for an answer from God to
help cure her husband of stage IV, inoperable cancer - and
the remarkable way her prayer was heard!
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