Rene (12 Nov 2010)
"The Renegade Jews Who HATE GOD"

What IS IT ABOUT these renegade jews who hate their own kind so much that they change their name to try to hide the fact that they are Jews? People like George Soros who was born George Schwartz, responsible for destroying the finances of entire nations and bringing misery and sorrow to millions? What about people like Henry Kissinger, who is always slobbering about the New World Order, and Bernie Madoff, another renegade jew, who bilked billions out of people who fell for his ponzi scheme!  They manage to get their hands on billions of dollars and use it to destroy the lives and finances of thousands of people! Those are only THREE I have mentioned. All JEWS who hate God and hate their own people! How bizarre can it be? They are evil, wicked traitors who all deserve to be imprisoned for life!