Paul N. F. (25 Nov 2010)

         "EXCEPT YE  REPENT"

         By A. W. Tozer 

        The rest of mankind. . . still did not repent.
                                                     -- Revelation 9:20 
            There are many compelling lessons to be drawn from
         the Scriptures and one of the clearest is that sinful and
         rebellious people can never be forced into repentance.

            The same act that may cause one person to repent and
         believe will cause others to hate and despise God!

            The same Bible sermon that brings the person to tearful
         submission at an altar of prayer will send others out with
         pride and a resolve to have their own human way.

            Students of the Scriptures are aware that the Old
         Testament prophets and the writing apostles of New
         Testament times foresaw and proclaimed God's coming
         day of judgment --- the consummate settling of accounts
         between the Sovereign God and his rebellious and sinful

            How desperately we would like to believe that in the
         face of coming judgment, all lost men and women will cry
         out to God, but such will not be the case: "But the men left
         alive after these plagues still refused to worship God! They
         would not renounce their demon-worship, nor their idols
         made of gold and silver, brass, stone, and wood-which
         neither see nor hear nor walk!”           -- Revelation 9:20

         Yours in Christ,
         Paul N. F.