Phil (8 Nov 2010)
"Christchurch to Jerusalem"

John and Doves,
Christchurch continues to have quakes and has logged 2,657 as I write (5.15pm Perth Time Sunday).
They have a new facility available showing the new Greendale fault line, which, if it is extended to the northwest,
might head in the general direction of Jerusalem if I am not mistaken. There appears to be a sort of pass in the
mountains which the fault could follow via Lake Coleridge. If it were to have a big jolt it might split the South island
of New Zealand in two. Have a look. Let's hope not.
Others with better expertise than me might like to have a closer look and let us know your findings.
At Time & Date it says Christchurch is EXACTLY 10,000 miles from Jerusalem. That's 100 x 100!
Regarding the number 100 -


Also, if you look at the Akaroa promontory just south east of Christchurch you might imagine it as the head of a Person.
It looks like the arms of this Person are outstretched (following the coastine on either side of the head).
The place then that all the quakes have been emanating from would be the heart area of this Person. The direction of the
new fault line heads off to Jerusalem.
The original 7.1 quake was very close to Charing Cross on Telegraph Road running in a straight line from Norwood in the
south east to Darfield in the north west. It looks like Charing Cross is at the very centre of 9 roads.
Definition of Charing Cross - "A district of London, England, where Edward I erected (c. 1290) the last of a series of crosses
in memory of his wife, Eleanor of Castile." -
Praise God!