Phil (23 Nov 2010)
"Re Kay and James Foo"

John and Doves,
Kay posted about Bonnie Gaunt's new book -
I was skimming through the e-book and my 6 year old son came in and saw the picture of Jesus on the cross.
He said words to this effect, "That's Jesus. Jesus made the world. He didn't make houses. He made the world".
I was bowled over. I said, "Where did you hear or learn that? At school? "Yes", he said. His younger brother was
standing nearby (5 yrs old, just) taking it all in. I took Michael (6) to his mother and asked him to tell her what he
had just told me. His mother was equally amazed. The school he goes to is not a "Christian" school but perhaps
they do teach things about the Bible and creation. We will have to build on this now.
After that I read James Woo's post about a six year old named Jordan who had made a prohpecy in 2008.
Funny how things happen one after the other sometimes.
Keep looking up,