Phil (22 Nov 2010)
"Christchurch to Pike River Mine Explosion"

John and Doves,
There has been another major event in New Zealand where an explosion in a mine has left 29 men unaccounted for.
The explosion is said to have occurred at 3.30 in the afternoon.
From the precise location of the 7M quake near Christchurch to the entrance to the Pike River Mine is just about exactly 100 miles.
Both of course are in New Zealand's South Island. (I did a search and found some kind person had published a Google map with the
exact location of the mine)
Remember that from Christchurch to Jerusalem was 10,000 miles or 100 miles x 100 miles.
From 9/4/2010 Christchurch quake to 11/19/2010 Pike River Mine explosion is 76 days or, if you count inclusive days it is 77 days.
There are still 29 men down the mine and unaccounted for. Three days have passed and the people in charge of rescue operations
are fearful there may be fatalities. Apparently they cannot enter the mine until it is made safe.
Let us pray for the safe return to their loved ones.
Praise God.
Keep looking up,