Paul Wilson (2 Nov 2010)
"For Americans This Is It"

It isn’t wabbit season. It isn’t duck season. It’s donkey season.
The 2010 season officially ends November 2nd, though it may take days or weeks to count all the shots, so check your local hunting booths for their hours of operation. If you are reading this on November 2nd and haven't done so already go to your local hunting booth and take your shot. There is a donkey surplus this year so there is plenty for all. There is also a limited number of elephants available check your local listings to see if your area has any. Also bring a cup, or two, of tea with you to have while waiting in line to take your shot as hunter turnout is expected to be higher this year and the Save the Donkeys Medical Core is expected to send a smaller contingent.
Paul Wilson
PS I guess I should have sent this earlier but inspiration just now hit me.