Paul Wilson (2 Nov 2010)
"Re: A Dream about Israel"

do you recall the letters???
Shawna (28 Oct 2010)
"A Dream about Israel"

Hi Doves,
I first want to start off by stating that I'm not a prophet and I've never had a vision of any kind. I've also never had a dream about the End Times, Israel or our nation (USA).
I've also to my knowledge have never been able to recall a dream a half hour after waking up.
The only dreams that I've remembered, had been ones that I woke up right after having the dream whether it be my last dream before I woke up for the day or a dream that I woke up in the middle of sleeping, and then fell back to sleep. I can usually remember those ones when I wake up for the day.
The dream I had last time that I slept was different, it was sometime well before I woke up, possibly hours. And when I woke up for the day, it was not at all on my mind, I totally forgot it.
I will say, I have been studying the book of Daniel, as a matter of fact, I had read hours before I slept; Daniel 2:27, when Daniel pointed out the fact that all the wise men, soothsayers etc.. could not show the King what he had drempt.
This may be the reason I had the dream, in which I will lean towards why I had the dream and it not be prophetic at all.
I just thought it to be strange that I could remember a dream that took place sometime before I awoke and it only popped into my head later.
The other thing is I have been praying for The Lord to give me a vision of some sort to help me with my impatience on the Rapture.
With all that being said, I hope you can understand, I am not claiming this to be from The Lord, I thought I'd post it just in case someone else here has had the same dream, since this is the first time I've ever had anything close to this.
The Dream-
I was with our president, it was not me though, I felt the feelings of this person. I was a little taller than the President in my dream (I'm real short in real life) and I was Male wearing a suit.
We walked into a brightly lit board room with no windows. I knew the handful of men had been working long hours to come to their decision, they all looked beat but relieved, ties un done, jackets off shirts not buttoned all the way up.
I heard them say we are naming it (code name) something to do with Nazi Germany, I can't recall if it was "Swastika" or "Nazi".
And there was some chuckling going on, they thought it was clever to name it that since it had to do with the Jews in Israel. I can remember the feeling of sorrow come over me (or the person I was in the dream)
I looked and saw what the symbol or logo looked like. It was 3 letters and they were written just like hip hop graffiti, big outline of letters that were puffy and each letter to the right were slightly covering the one on the left. (strange I know)
Next we were somewhere else in a back room to a press room not in the same building, it was like we were back stage to an event.
The back room was dark, we had one light shining down on a desk. I saw 2 pieces of paper, one half had 1 1/2 letters on it, it was the left half of the logo I had seen earlier, the other paper had the other half of the logo. If you were to put the papers side by side, it would complete the logo.
BTW, the logo was as big as both 11 x 8 papers put together.
There was a tall man in a suit asking our President to sign them and make the announcement. I felt total helplessness, dread, fear and sorrow combined.
He signed them and we both started walking towards a stage, I could see the lights and knew it was some sort of press conference, the back stage area we were in was dark and I put my hand on his shoulder to ensure him that I was with him on this, though inside I knew it was wrong.
He shrugged my hand off of his shoulder, almost like he knew my true feelings on this, and he started walking ahead of me as if to show me that he's in charge and how dare I think that I'll walk out in front of the media as an equal.
Another feeling of dread came over me.
My dream ended at that point, but I knew the outcome.
I continued to sleep for possibly several hours after this.
It all came back to me like a "V-8 moment" when I was wide awake.
Did anyone of you have the same dream?
In my 30 years of being "Born Again", I have never experienced anything like this.
Any thoughts on this?
All input is welcome.