Paul Wilson (13 Nov 2010)
"Re: Re Paul - Spit Balling"

I will let the pastor reply to this better as he can more fully than I can other then to say he was in the earth 3 days AND 3 NIGHTS. a Friday death would NOT add up to this. A tabernacles birth would be inline with Jewish feasts as he tabernacles with us for 33+ years and how God does things. Judaism is the key to dating the important things regarding Israel. When you accept a tabernacles birth you see that conception had to be on Hanukkah (also fits with the light of the world entering the world on the festival of lights). Also when you accept 3 days AND 3 nights you know that his death was on a Wednesday and that means 30 AD.
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Nicole (12 Nov 2010)
"Re: Paul - Spit Balling"

Dear Paul,

Jesus was conceived 9/11 3BC, His live birth was 6/17 2BC and the Magi's visited Him on 12/25 2BC.   He died on 4/3 33AD and was out of the grave the morning of 4/6 33AD.

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By the way, Wikipedia is incorrect on Jesus date of death.