Paul Wilson (12 Nov 2010)
"Running this up the flagpole"

Personally I don't believe the calendar is two months off one yes but not two. When it is one month off a 13th month, VeAdar, must be added to be two months off a 14th month would be needed but no such month exists in the Hebrew calendar. I think it was a month off because the fall feasts were not in fall but just one month making this month Cheshvan that means the 17th would be the 10th of Cheshvan the date Noah entered the ark if we are right about the second month in Noah's time being Cheshvan. This will make the 24th the 17th of Cheshvan the day the rain started. That makes Dec 8th the start of the month of Kislev by the sighting (should be sighted on the 7th of Dec) of the new moon. Which would make Hanukkah Jan 1st through 8th with Jan 7th being Tevet 1 (the moon being sighted on the night of the 6th) the same Hebrew day (and day of Hanukkah) out Lord was conceived.
Given all this I await the Lord’s return at any day. I look everyday and keep look for it even as the day passes I start looking on the next day. I want to go home.