Patty Hayes (30 Nov 2010)
"Deborah: EU Collapsing"

Greetings Deborah,
I saw the sight and I would have to say that since the austerity measures are taking place, I would not call it a collapse, but, rather call it a re-organization.  Not too long ago,
the EU re-organized itself  placing as its governing body 10 nations governing the full 27 nation conglomerant.  From reading further I see that Rome is beginning once again to make major headlines in policy making for the EU.  Also, as once thought that Javier Solana became out of the picture and went back to Spain, we see him as the ever-present strong voice behind all policy internationally speaking still, in spite of Kathryn supposedly being the present High Commissioner.
All that being said, Javier was the one the merged the WEU with the EU under the ammendment titled Recommendation 666. He merged the military portion of it with the policy portion.  To date, as still not see that the seat numbered 666 at the EU in Brussels being filled yet and still unoccupied, and the Vatican taking a lead role in attempting to restructure the Israeli bounderies and leading in the Interfaith Movement, and Tony Blair taking the title role on behalf of the Vatican and UN to merge all faiths into one, I see that the EU would remain for the End Time Scenario.
It now appears that Obama is having less influence here and abroad, especially since Spooky Dude Soros has abandoned his buddy due to what he feels as a weakened President.
Both the WTC and Club of Rome have already set their maps of the World into 10 regions.  Now, interestingly enough, it is the Uncle of the King of Jordan, Prince Hassan bin Talal who is the head of the Club of Rome, another arm of the Illuminati.  He also has stepped up to the plate along with Blair to merge all faiths into one.    Here is a little about him:
Prince Hassan was educated first in Amman. He attended Summer Fields School,  then Harrow School in England as well as Christ Church, Oxford Univeristy. He received a BA Hons in Oriental Studies followed by an MA.  Prince Hassan is fluent in Arabic, English, French and German. He has a working knowledge of Turkish and Spanish and has also studied Hebrew. He received the Abraham Geiger Award, the college know for its plurality of Judaism in its relationship with other faiths.Suggested reading is wikipedia on him as he has also bloodline connections with Rome, Assyria and Jewish ethnicities as all nations conquered that region at one time or another.
So will keep watching and listening for the SHOUT and TRUMPET BLAST.  AMEN!!
Patty Hayes