Nando (4 Nov 2010)
"Nov 3, 2010 Is this week the beginning of the Tribulations and the Rapture? Bible Code Predicts?"


Nov 3, 2010 Is this week the beginning of the Tribulations and the Rapture? Bible Code Predicts?

Nov 3, 2010 Is this week the beginning of the Tribulations and the Rapture? Bible Code Predicts?

In the post of BG Ellis shown here he mentions LL having said that in the book the Bible Code by Michael Drosnin he mentions prime minister Netanyahu  as being murdered and that it will occur in New York when he visits. See the post below. Because I have that book I went to look for it and Drosnin elaborates quite a bit in the Code that refers to his death by assassination. It is important to note that this is the second time that he has been elected as Prime Minister and that the Code had to be referring to his second term since he is alive at the present time. In the book from pages 73 to 83 he gives four matrices that refer to Netanyahu as elected and killed etc.

Quoting from the book:

“And with” Netanyahu” appeared words of Biblical terror–”for the great horror, Netanyahu.” Those words suggesting an event so awful it has no equivalent outside of the cosmic scale of the Bible, appear again with the prediction of his election, the only time Prime Minister Netanyahu is encoded.”

“And the same words–”for the great horror, Netanyahu”–appeared a third time. They were encoded with atomic holocaust.”

Further on he goes on to state:

“Holocaust of Israel”  was encoded with “29 Elul”– the date in the ancient calendar equivalent to September 13. “Atomic weapon” was also encoded with “29 Elul.”

In the book he was talking about his first election and the 1996 date, but the code was not to be fulfilled in this election but in the present one and most probably in the 29 Elul of the year 2010.

Now let us see if 29 Elul has already happened or is a few days ahead, for this we will go to another article posted by a dove Ola Illory shown below. He shows that the next Nov 8 is the Feast of  Trumpets and it is the 1st of  Tishri.

Now it follows then that Nov 7 is the 29 Ellul

Well as a conclusion we could say that it sure looks that this week has been a very significant one and that it is not finished yet!

Thank you John and doves for all this networking of knowledge and ideas that are flowing through the body of Jesus.

Hope to see you all soon


BG Ellis (3 Nov 2010)
“The Bible Code predicts that Netanyahu will die in the suitcase nuking of New York City and this is the trigger that starts World War III!”


Doves and John,

I read the following post from LL:

LL (2 Nov 2010)
“Nov 7-9″

Per Joel Rosenberg’s blog/email:

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to the U.S. from Nov. 7-9 to meet with American Jewish leaders, and to meet with Vice President Joe Biden.”


After reading this, The Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance of an interesting Bible Code from Michael Drosnin’s first book: “The Bible Code”.  In this book, there is an obscure Bible Code that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s death by nuclear attack would be the trigger of World War III.   I believe that Benjamin Netanyahu will be in New York City when it is attacked by a suitcase nuke.  Doves, we are days away from The Rapture!  Repent of any sin, forgive everyone and get ready to meet your Bridegroom!

SEE: (URL) THE RAPTURE – November 8th to 11th, 2010 (True Rosh Hashanah) & THE START of WORLD WAR III – 11:11:2010!  YOUR 7-DAY WARNING!

See You in Heaven!

Love You All!

B.G. Ellis

Ola Ilori (1 Nov 2010)

Hi Doves,
The Rapture didn’t occur on the 31st of October 2010 as I expected it to.
To me, this means that the Calendars we so much rely on, aren’t  just a Month off, but are 2 Months off!
It’s really the only explanation we have.
Robert Rose is correct, we have to follow the evidence were ever it leads us.
As of today, the 1st of November 2010, I believe what Robert has written has been validated.
For this reason I’m scaling my Great Tribulation Time line forward by 29 Days.
We should now expect the Rapture to occur on the 29th of November 2010.
This now is the correct Day on which the Last Day of the Feast of Tabernacles falls.
The 2010 – 2017 Great Tribulation Time-Line is STILL valid for another 29 Days.
The only other adjustments I’m making to my previous Time-Line is that the Two Witnesses will start their 1,260 Day Testimony on the 1st of December 2010.
They will end it on the 13th of May 2014.
They will be killed on the 14th of May 2014 (14th of Nisan), on Passover, which also just happens to be the Day Israel celebrates there Independence.
They will be raised from the dead 3 and 1/2 Days later on the 16th of May 2014 (16th of Nisan), on the Day of First-fruits.
The Antichrist will also begin his tyrannical rule of 42 Months (1,260 days) on the 14th of May 2014.
In Summary these are the Dates now worthy of note:
Fall Feast for 2010:
The Feast of Trumpets: 8th of November 2010 (1st of Tishri).
Day of Atonement: 17th of November 2010 (10th of Tishri).
1st Day of Feast of Tabernacle: 22nd of November 2010 (15th of Tishri).
Last Day of Feast of Tabernacles: 29th of November 2010 ( 22nd of Tishri).
Fall Feast for 2017:
The Feast of Trumpets: 23rd of October 2017 (1st of Tishri).
Day of Atonement: 1st of November 2017 (10th of Tishri also the Day the Jubilee Trumpet is sounded).
1st Day of Feast of Tabernacle: 6th of November 2017 (15th of Tishri).
Last Day of Feast of Tabernacles: 13th of November 2017 ( 22nd of Tishri).

The Jewish calendar has the following months:

Hebrew English Number Length Civil Equivalent
Nissan (in Hebrew) Nissan 1 30 days March-April
Iyar (in Hebrew) Iyar 2 29 days April-May
Sivan (in Hebrew) Sivan 3 30 days May-June
Tammuz (in Hebrew) Tammuz 4 29 days June-July
Av (in Hebrew) Av 5 30 days July-August
Elul (in Hebrew) Elul 6 29 days August-September
Tishri (in Hebrew) Tishri 7 30 days September-October
Cheshvan (in Hebrew) Cheshvan 8 29 or 30 days October-November
Kislev (in Hebrew) Kislev 9 30 or 29 days November-December
Tevet (in Hebrew) Tevet 10 29 days December-January
Shevat (in Hebrew) Shevat 11 30 days January-February
Adar I (in Hebrew) Adar I (leap years only) 12 30 days February-March
Adar (in Hebrew)
Adar II (in Hebrew)
(called Adar Beit in leap years)
(13 in leap years)
29 days February-March