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"A Comment on Ray Schulz The Last Jubilee Article"


Ray Schulz (10 Nov 2010) “The Last Jubilee”

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The article about the last Jubilee is a must read for all Christians following the prophetic times we are living in.

I am at present reading the last book written by J.R. Church, Daniel Reveals the Bloodline of the Antichrist and in this book he has placed at the end of the book a 63 pages long Chart of Six Millennia with Sabbatical years and Jubilees.

His Sabbatical years do not correspond with the ones in your article, but he started on the first crop planted by Israel in 1437/36 BC and continued uninterrupted to the last entry on 2240/41 AD.

The main difference between the two approaches are that you stopped when Israel lost Jerusalem and the Temple and started in the year 1967, so both approaches give different year dates.

I personally do not see J.R. Church dates aligning with the new facts of the State of Israel and the dates shown on this article are more in line with the prophetic historical events unfolding today.

This said I want to say that I have a great admiration and respect for the knowledge, dedication and ministry of J.R. Church.


Ray Schulz (10 Nov 2010)
“The Last Jubilee”


To the Five Doves:

I have just finished a new article entitled, “The Last Jubilee,” that blends three factors, two biblical and one historical, to produce a hypothesis for the second coming of Jesus Christ. God long ago appointed His Son “heir of all things” (Heb. 1:2), and Jesus Christ is about to claim His inheritance, which we see unfolding in Revelation 5:1-10. The principal theme of this article is that Christ will claim His inheritance in strict obedience to the law of Moses according to the provisions of the Jubilee. When will this happen? It is already underway, triggered by the historical restoration of Israel to the land.

You can access this article at:

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