Mikki (24 Nov 2010)

Hi John and Doves,

I have been coming to this site for a while and usually check it several times a day.
I just had this dream that I want to relay. I am not sure if it means anything but
wanted to send it to see if anyone has an interpretation of it.
Several things stand out to me such as the Turkey for thanksgiving and the color
of the eggs being red, white and blue.

Here it is for discernment:

Dream this Morning

I was with my Mom and I was telling her that i was glad that her biopsy came back okay
and she said 'yeah Im glad it was done before the fall festivals'. I told her something about
having trouble driving on the road and she said yeah me too. It's because of M*donalds.
I was surprised. She said they put something around their restaurants in the streets. 

So we go to a m*donalds to get monopoly game pieces and they are out. We wanted to get 2 a piece so the
guy promises my mom something free to make up for not having the piece. 2 women are now behind us
and I learn that one is the owner of the store there along with her mother.

The son of the owner is working in the back and he pulls me aside and asks me if I want to see how
certain things are done.

The weirdest thing in this dream was there was this huge Turkey- Grayish Blue with a bow tie and head
covered with a pilgrim hat-sitting on the
side of the metal sink laying all kinds of multi colored eggs. Just one after another.

The son of the owner wanted to show me how they made their egg sandwiches. He said it was by frying
them in boiled water. I didn't understand what he meant but I saw him doing this. It was if he had pasta
flour and was boiling it under the hot running water in the sink and it was forming red, white and blue pieces
that he was putting in the breakfast sandwiches.

I knew it was the eggs from this turkey because they came out in different colors-red white and blue.
This guy kept going on and on about how alot of people think to fry up the egg and put lots of gravy
on it to make this sandwich 'but thats not how you do it. You do it like this and then put the gravy on it.'

End of Dream

Side notes-My Mom did just let me know about getting her biopsy results yesterday. Also Sunday when I woke
up I was crying for the world and how people don't see the deception and then the next night after that
I felt so sad when I saw a turkey on a w*lmart commercial - just felt overwhelming sadness. I felt I should get my preparations done
several days before and I also felt to stay in on that day. And I don't even like eggs. I'm not saying something will happen
but I felt I should get this out to everyone.

Please let us pray for the safety of our loved ones, friends and everyone in this country prior to and on this