Mike Curtiss (9 Nov 2010)
"Hussein Agenda  to Establish an American Dictatorship"


BHO’s Agenda as POTUS is the Establishment of an American Dictatorship

The President has a long documented history of involvement with ’dark powers’ and occult practices. As strange as it may seem to us in the 21st Century, this Presidential travel schedule is designed to facilitate his worship at selected occult temples in India and Indonesia.

As his much maligned trip to India and the Far East unfolds, we are told that this trip’s all about the economy. We are reminded that this trip was scheduled and rescheduled at least three different times in 2009. According to the NY Times and Democrat apologists, the President’s legislative agenda delayed his ambitious travel schedule. Nothing could be further than the truth. We need only to remind ourselves that the Democrat Party enjoyed an absolute majority in both the Senate and the House, which checked any possible filibuster by the Republican Party.

Obama was never a necessary fixture in Washington DC to insure passage of new legislation. Lets put to rest any notion that it was a priority to remain at home in order to advance this far-left political agenda. We only need to recall the zeal the President has pursued toward golf. The White House acknowledges 54 golf outings during Osama’s first two years. Specious arguments abound for alterations to the Presidential travel schedule, but closely following his legislative agenda while ignoring the ultimate goal of this President would be a grievous error. Establishment of a permanent American dictatorship remains the primary goal that drive’s the BHO Administration.


Once Hussein had installed reliable, unimaginative and colorless Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the passage of such perversely un-American and punitive legislative policies was only a matter of delivering simple party line voting majorities. To be avoided at all costs was the emergence of any new media darling among the Democratic leadership. Nobody must be allowed to subtract from the cult being carefully fashioned around BHO’s Messianic appeal. The presence of the POTUS in Washington DC was never a pressing obligation. Obama took several European trips and extended family vacations during the last year.

Dozens of new Federal regulatory agencies the size of the IRS have appeared to us out of legislative thin air. Apart from doubling the number of Federal Government employees and raising the total number of people dependant upon the Obama Regime for a paycheck, what ultimate service does expansion of the government serve? The army of federal autocrats has surged to an all-time high. Apart from destroying the nation what’s BHO ultimate goal? Spending at a frenetic pace that’s driving this country and the western world into debt and ruin only serves to destabilize and insure the collapse of economy. Who benefits from anarchy? BHO benefits and insures that only BHO is the last man standing.

The active destruction of our Constitution under the phony premise that we need new Banking Regulation demonstrates that the primary goal of the Obama regime is subjugating individual God given rights and replacing them with Obama and the supremacy of the state. Further, the acquisition of large segments of our manufacturing base by our own Federal Government is unprecedented in American history. Privacy rights have evaporated under the state’s hunger for ultimate and intrusive power over every aspect of our lives. Sarcastically packaged and distributed to us as national healthcare, this purulent package has cynically grown into a boil known to us as Obamacare. It’s clear Obama ‘does not’ care for America. Obama ‘does not’ care for American liberty, justice, or the rule of law. Obama ‘does not’ care for the sacrifices American’s have made for all the world to enjoy freedom.


Obamacare harkens back to another term made infamous during the Great Depression of the 1930‘s when the homeless gathered themselves together to live in cardboard and canvas Hoover-villes. These temporary shelters were made necessary by widespread homelessness brought on by ruinous socialist rescue spending packages and phony shovel-ready make work programs, which prolonged the national suffering for another decade. Hoover much like George W. Bush today was falsely labeled as the leader responsible for the Great Depression by his media savvy successor Franklin Roosevelt. Just as Roosevelt’s programs led to prolonged suffering, Obamacare and all of these other oppressive policies are evil and diametrically opposed to the tenets of our Constitution. Everyone of BHO’s legislative policies were passed into law intact. 2009 and 2010 were wildly successful years for Obama. Without a doubt they represent official consolidation of power under just one man; BHO. Fulfilling the ultimate goal the President has had from the very beginning; establishment of an American Dictatorship replete with power arrayed within the office of BHO.

IMHO the travel itinerary of BHO is all about timing and camouflage. Hussein sincerely follows occult practices, which involves reaching out to worship dark powers particularly when political setbacks present roadblocks to achieving his ultimate imperial goal. Before you raise objections to my occult theory, lets review the facts about Obama and his relationship with the occult.

Fact: Obama is the Grandson of a Kenyan Witchdoctor.


Fact: He wore a 'Monkey God' amulet around his neck for 12 years as a boy.


Fact: Obama carries that same "Monkey God' figurine in his pants pocket to this day.



Fact: As a young man and ‘community organizer‘, Obama utilized the notorious book written by Saul Alinsky Rules for Radical’s Alinsky tips his hand when he dedicated his book to Satan, because alone among all radicals Satan won power for himself and a kingdom. Until the election of BHO, no other disciple and acolyte of Saul Alinsky had ever won for himself a kingdom. BHObama adopted the same appreciation for Satan and his ‘dark powers’ as Alinsky. Everything we can conclude from the behavior of BHO demonstrates that he too has become the mortal enemy of all forms of representative government and the power which makes self determination possible; Jesus Christ, Christianity and Christians themselves.


Fact: After losing the first primary campaigns to Hillary Clinton, BHO inexplicably traveled outside the United States to receive a powerful endorsement. BHO believes that this boost came from Satan and the 'dark powers' that he could approach by visiting the Berlin Pergamum Museum. It’s here where the Holy Bible locates the 'Throne Room of Satan' that the Apostle John spoke of in the NT. Whether, you or, I believe that Satan has power remains immaterial. BHO, believes that after appealing to Satan Barrack Hussein Obama knows that he won the all the remaining primaries, the Democratic Party Nomination and the Presidency after appealing to Satan. It doesn’t matter whether you and I believe in the power of evil. Our President clearly believes there’s power in evil. Now that his unprecedented march to an American worker’s paradise, where do you think BHO will turn?


Put yourself in the shoes of a BHO. He’s the grandson of a witchdoctor. He was raised in a household of fervent believers in mysticism, Marxism, Islam and the occult; weigh his options. Already, we know that the Hussein and his Regime has made the fateful decision to ignore the 'will of the American People' displayed in the recent midterm election results. He's signaled that there will not be a Bill Clinton style 'move to the political middle' in order to govern. BHO has no intention of governing jointly with anyone. How do you think BHO plans to restore his tarnished image? Where will he obtain that strengthen?

Supposition: Hussein will practice a scorched earth political agenda designed to bring the whole house down around him in the flames of nuclear treason. If he can’t become emperor or dictator, Obama will bring down the whole country and in the process, the entire free world.

Study this President, peel back the skin of the onion. Inside there's a man who depends upon dark demonic powers designed from the outset to destroy. Hussein does not share traditional American values, because at his core he's not an American.

Prediction: Unless this leader is removed from office, by any means necessary, the Republic will not survive this grave challenge. Too many of our citizen's remain dependant upon the government teat to rock the boat.

Unless the new TEA Party and the Grand Old Party can rally together to lance and drain the purulent abscess known as Obamacare before it infects the entire American body politic, the nation will soon grow septic and die from multi-organ system failure.