Mike Curtiss (8 Nov 2010)
"Subtafuge, the Emperor Emerges"

Dear Doves,
         It seems that our ancient enemies tying knots in the Obama schedule in order to mock, laugh and obfuscate his real plans. Unless, we are careful we can be mislead and deceived. However, remember our God reigns. He's not the father of confusion, or blasphemy. He doesn't lie. Once, we bought into satans lies, but no more! The current President of the United States POTUS had many of us hypnotized. Unless we remain vigilant, he will slip off the hook and conquer what's left of the Free World.
         So, what's it really gonna be? We know Hussein's visiting Hatumayun's Tomb today. Will you next travel to New Delhi and slip away from the media throng and prostate yourself before satan at Hunaman's Temple? We will soon find out. Will this huge charade throw everyone off your trail? Will the media get these two places mixed up and the President slip off somehow and his real objective Hunaman's Temple? Will the Secret Service play along and deploy the special tunnel to hide Hussein's real objective? Absolutely, Hussein will go forward with both his dictatorship and his true mentor, the father of lies. Hussein has no other choice; empire or ignominity. The choice is both shockingly bold and alarmingly bad news for all of us.
         Hussein's saying HaHaHa; the jokes upon all of you poor Christian fool's! When Hussein returns from India, he will consolidate his power and remove his detractors. Get ready folks, we should be out of here very soon. Pack up your blessings and be ready to go!
                                          Maranatha Lord Jesus,
                                                                   Mike Curtiss
            Laughing at God's  people and his Watchmen that are 'dogging' his every step, Hussein only needs to get his father's blessing. Hiding in plain sight, once he visits Hunamam's Temple he's got everything he needs to become emperor Imam Hussein.