Mike Curtiss (6 Nov 2010)
"Hussein's Visiting Hanuman Temple in New Delhi"


Dear Doves,

          When I checked the itinerary, I found the ultimate temple that Hussein must be going to India to visit. Basically, Read down the page for the specifics that make this temple the only place Hussein, the moslem can attend and keep everyone (hindus, sikhs and moslems) happy.


          Basically, alone among Buddism and Hindu temples, this temple exists to worship Hanuman, the monkey god. He hates Saturn, which is the potential spiritual site of the Throne Room of Jesus Christ.  Hussein carrie's a pocket figurine of Hanuman. His temple alone has a cresent moon over the tower making it halal to moslems.


The Emperor was pleased with Tulsidas and presented the Hanuman temple with an Islamic crescent Moon finial which adorns the temple spire.[1] It is also claimed that because of the crescent moon symbol on the spire, the temple was not destroyed by the Muslim rulers who invaded India at various times.[1]



         I have written extensively about Hanuman on Five Doves. 




                                                            Mike Curtiss

Hanuman Temple, Connaught Place