Mike Curtiss (4 Nov 2010)
"Suzi, Liz Obama's Temple Visits"

Dears Sister's,
           The links between Hussein and occult religions are both frequent and influential. The only places he avoids are Christian and Jewish churches and temples. The significant visits where Hussein has obtained obvious benefit were the August 08 trip to the throneroom of zues/satan in Berlin. Hussein never lost a primary after appealing to satan directly in Berlin. I have written extensively about that trip.
          Contrary to your notion about being too busy to leave DC, the trip Hussein's about to take has been put off time after time, because Obama's been successful until last night. The Deepwater Horizon was a victory for Hussein's anti-American agenda. Someday, I think he'll be directly implicated in the rigs explosion. No, he's put this trip off until he's almost finished politically. Think about his temple visit like re-charging a set of evil batteries. I suspect there's an element of fear involved with these kind of things? He's not sure yet what he's dealing with. What do you guys think?
          We know Hussein's set to visit the tomb of a moslem moghul emperor in India. He's also going to speak at the largest mosque in Indonesia. Have you heard about visits to Shiva, or the Monkey King? They are demonic creatures out of Hinduism that can be directly traced to satan. Let me know what U think?
                                                                   Mike Curtiss