Mike Curtiss (22 Nov 2010)
"Mercer (18 Nov 2010) Reply Mike Curtiss"

Dear Mercer & the Doves,
           Your post about Hannakah became my subject of interest after realizing that Hussein travelled to India ahead of schedule, so he would be present on Diwali November 4th, a polytheistic celebration of ecumenical nature they call 'the Festival of Lights'
           Wow, consider satans always running mock, false and misleading operations that mimic Jesus Christ, Christians and Jews. This is another obvious example.
           Satans is not all powerful, he can only guess when Jesus is coming back for His bride. If Jesus raptured the Church on November 4th while Hussein was celebrating Diwali among the masses, Hussein stood to benefit by claiming his divinity and taking credit for the rapture. We need to prayerfully consider what God's trying to tell us Mercer & Doves. Surely, God will speak to one of us!
            When you posted a letter tying Antioctus IV to Tyre, I decided that I needed to understand more. I Googled 'satan prince and king of Tyre' I found the article that I posted from the 'what the Bible Teaches' website  Mercer.
            Now, fasten your seatbelts gang; I checkout books on CD and listen to them when I'm on the road. Yesterday, while listening to The Adventures of Marco Polo, the caravan is stuck in the fabulously wealthy City of Tyre, because the islamic hordes are beseiging the fortress.
                                Agape Love,
                                                 Mike Curtiss