Mike Curtiss (22 Nov 2010)
"Mercer Mike Curtiss and Egypt, Satan and Obama"

Dear Mercer & the Doves,
            Wow, if you got that wonderful zing up your legs, torso and back of your neck; yes I'm familiar with that rush of confirmation. If that sensation then blossomed into a flushing afterglow of affirmation; I know that we are surely onto something important. Read Acts description of what happened when the Holy Spirit first fell upon the Apostles gathered to wait upon the Comforter, Jesus promised He would send at Pentecost.             
            Christians are empowered by the Holy Spirit, I know that we have established a spiritual communion. Combined with the presence of the Holy Spirit, the three of us have met the scriptural requirement to make an official Biblical witness.
            What really blows my mind is the obvious parallels our research seems to be taking. At this time, I think it's necessary for us to humbly ask the third member of our group for it's opinion. After that prayer, we might know where to take this revelation next.
            When I was in the seminary, we learned about symbollical names for kingdoms, kings and respective ME tribes, nations and peoples. Egypt was another word for mammon, the world of posessions and activities that run contrary to the Holy Spirit. Ra, the sun god of the Egyptians, is merely a front for satan and paganism. 
            If you'll give John your e-mail address we can exchange prayers with some more privacy. God Bless You Mercer!
                                                  Agape, Mike Curtiss
 "I don't know if you read my posts or not or just skip over them. So I really tried to get your attention today.
Doesn't Egypt represent the world in the Bible?
Mike, I know you were addressing me with this Satan The Prince and King of Tyre and Mammon "