Mike Curtiss (17 Nov 2010)
""Bruce Warner: SCRIPTURE SAYS THAT 'ONE LAST THING' Has Already Happened"

Dear Bruce & all the Doves,
             Please look at my earlier post. If you sincerely believe that God must reveal the identity of the Anti-christ before the Rapture, it's my opinion that you have had your prayers answered.   
             When BHO travelled to India to attend the opening night of the Diwali celebration. Diwali is known as The Festival of Lights. Wow, that sure sounds familiar to me. The Jews celebrate the true Festival of Lights. It's an eight day affair, which incorporates many symbolic elements of the NT and the Book of Revelation. That includes 'oil of the spirit' etc,
             Remember, the Devil's is truly in the details. Several religions celebrate Diwali in an ecumenical celebration, which pre-figures the One World Religion (OWR) of the Anti-christ. It's important for us to remember that the Anti-christ will introduce a new one size fits all theology that will seduce members of all faiths in a new apostasy. Ultimately, the members of the OWR will eventually be asked to worship the Beast. It's imparitive that we understand that BHO is confirming his identity by going to India and celebrating Diwali. More people in the world celebrate Diwali than Christmas each year. It's perfectly reasonable to assume that Hussein was exactly where he needed to be on November 4th. Exactly, one month prior to Hanukkah, the real festival of lights that was first celebrated in the Temple of the Jews during the rule of the Macabees.
             Satan has repeatedly attempted to conquer the world through the megalomaniacal efforts of Gengis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Mao and Stalin. Their narcacism is remarkably similar to what we are seeing out of BHO. Don't be fooled Hussein's now fully exposed. The Rapture of the Church will faithfully follow on Hanakkah, this year on december 3rd-11. We had a 30 day warning too!
             Thank you Bruce for all the work you and many other Doves have done for the Kingdom of Christ Jesus. He'll be here soon to evacuate his children. What an exciting time to be alive!
                                                                                Mike Curtiss