Mike Curtiss (16 Nov 2010)
"For Suzi- Hussein Visits with More Familiar Spirits (Demons)"

Dear Suzi & Doves,
           I cannot stress enough the fallen spiritual status of our President; Barack Hussein Obama. It has become my mission to make everyone aware that Hussein will not play American politics as usual. Hussein won't compromise and move to the center to meet the desires of the American people. It's not going to be business as usual. Just as his first 2 years involved unprecidented change, his next two years will be frightening and unlike anything America has seen since the Civil War. The lame duck sessions of Congress will contain a Reichstag Fire event blamed upon Evangelical Christians. The two party system we are so familiar with is dead. We only have a one party system now! Voters have no power in Husseins currency. Husseins not satisfied with anything less than total dominion over the USA and the entire world.
           We have seen previous would be world dictators before. We know all about Adolph Hitlers connections with the occult. His fervor over an ultimate cosmic battle and his god-like megalomaniacal drive would stop at nothing. Hitler would have the World, or Hitler would  destroy Germany. I'm afraid that our leader has that same spiritual obsession with meglomania and narcisism. If Hussein can't rule the USA and eventually the world, he'll destroy everything in a nuclear apocalypse. We can see the stage being set for some sort of nuclear missile mishap. Missile contrails have recently been displayed off both coasts within a 36 hour period. An entire battery of Minuteman missiles in N. Dakota suddenly go off-line for 24 hours etc, It's my fervent belief that we are being prepped for a false flag operation, which will involve either an 'accidential' , or purposful detonation of  nuclear weapons here in the US. The carnage will be so great that the world will begin a new age that's committed to nuclear disarmarment. Hussein will use this worldwide revulsion to somehow seize ultimate power.
           Confirmation of Hussein's real spiritual status comes from this final stop on his Asian tour at the Great Buddha, which he apparently visited as a boy. Why has Hussein deliberately attached himself to these anti-christian religions and false idols. I have posted endless information on Five Doves supporting Husseins spiritual involvement with islam, hinduism, buddism and paganism. This last false idol is merely icing on the cake. Husseins trying to fuel anger, resentment and violence.
           I think that evangelical Christians are being set-up to take the blame for some coming act of domestic terrorism. After such an incident Hussein will have all the permission and authority under new Homeland Security laws to arrest, detain and permanently hold the 'saints' of the Evangelical Church. I pray I'm wrong guys!
                                                                                 Mike Curtiss
Obama ends trip on personal note (Japan Buddha-was there when he was 6)
Politico ^ | 11-14-10 | Carol E. Lee


President Obama reacquainted himself with a piece of his childhood on Sunday before heading back to Washington at the end of his nine-day, four-country trip across Asia.

Obama visited the Great Buddha in Japan's small coastal city of Kamakura.

He had stood in front of the imposing bronze statue, one of this country's most famous sites, as a 6-year-old boy. His mother had brought him there and then taken him for green tea ice cream, a memory he has reflected on fondly.

“It is wonderful to return to this great treasure of Japanese culture,” Obama wrote in a guest book at the temple. "Its beauty has stayed with me for many years."

The sacred statue of Amida Buddha is nestled in the hills around the Buddhist temple of K?tokuin. Dating to the 1200s, it’s roughly 40 feet tall and weighs about 100 tons.

Obama’s return to the site capped an overseas trip that was both business and personal.

From India to Indonesia to Japan, the president folded in stops that went beyond the state visits and global economic summits that brought him.

In Mumbai he visited a house where Mahatma Gandhi lived. Martin Luther King, Jr. had toured the home in 1959, signing the guest book just as Obama did last weekend. King and Gandhi are two of the president's biggest heroes.

In New Delhi, Obama walked the grounds of Humayun's Tomb. "Spectacular," he remarked as he left.

While he didn't stop at any of his childhood haunts in Jakarta, where he lived for four years, Obama said he found it "a little disorienting" to return to a modernized city he remembered for streets crowded with becaks and bemos when he moved there with his mother in 1967.

"I feel great affection for the people here,” he said at a news conference shortly after arriving. “The sights and the sounds and the memories all feel very familiar."

At the Great Buddha on Sunday, Obama told his guides about how he visited the statue with his mother when he was 6.

"I was this big," he said, holding his left hand at his waist to explain how small he was back then.

This time he gazed up at the statue, surrounded on three sides by low, tile-roof buildings, as president. He was shown around the site by the director of the Kotokuin Temple, Michiko Sato, and, Dr. Takao Sato, the temple’s 15th chief monk.

He sampled a green tea ice cream bar, like he had 43 years ago, and bought a pair of bracelets for his daughters at the gift shop.

Much of the town turned out to see the presidential motorcade wind through a small fishing village, past clusters of grocery stores and a group of surfers paddling around in the ocean.

At an ice cream store, a "Welcome President Obama" sign was hung over the door.

Before he flew to Kamakura, Obama wrapped up the two-day summit of Asian Pacific leaders. He will host APEC in his home state of Hawaii next year.